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Creeting St Mary CEVAP School

Anything is Possible


Welcome to Oak Class! 

Hello everyone,


We have a new two week topic for you to enjoy. This time it's all about Sport. Take a look at the activities we have planned. We hope you have fun learning about different sports and get active too.


Sport Two Week Plan

Second Week - Literacy - Sport Then and Now Reading Booklet

This week we have all been learning about the Olympic games and also a little bit about Japan where the next Olympic games will be.

In school, Year 1s followed instructions really carefully to make their origami fish. You could try this too if you visit Oak Academy and explore the activity clubs. C has tried to copy the Japanese numbers and has designed a super gold medal – wow!  What have you learnt about Japan or the Olympic games this week?

We hope that you have enjoyed the first week of the sport theme. In school, the Year 1s have been very active choosing different activities to try. They have also worked hard on the story of the 'Hare and the Tortoise,' learning to use time conjunctions in their sentences. Look at G’s amazing story! Wow!

The children in school have enjoyed our growing topic - we hope that everyone learning at home has enjoyed it too! We ended our work in school today writing our own stories based on Jack and the Beanstalk and we used the art tool on purple mash to paint flowers. 
C has been continuing to work on his Jack and the Beanstalk story. He has built an amazing lego beanstalk.

C has been continuing to work hard at his multiplication and he has his 'Jack and the Beanstalk' story planned and ready to write. Well done! In school today, the children in Oak class have all planned their versions of the story too. There are going to be lots of different exciting places for their character to visit at the top of beanstalks and tall trees.

In school, having learnt about the parts of plants, Year 1s have looked really closely at daisies and have painted them using their hands! Super art work from everyone!

A has been working hard during lockdown. He has practising his multiplication tables and number bonds and he has been continuing to read. As part of the growing theme, he has found some amazing time-lapse videos of different things growing. Here is a lovely picture of A reading with his brother. Well done A and keep up the great learning!

Linked to our growing theme, this week lots of children have enjoyed the story of the enormous turnip. At home, C has created a story map and chosen adjectives to describe the characters. In school, year 1s have completed lots of activities linked to the story and have all written their own versions. They have written the story of the enormous strawberry, the enormous carrot, the enormous mushroom and the enormous pea. Well done everyone. We hope that you enjoy next week’s story!

This week C has drawn and labelled the parts of a plant. He has also been working hard on multiplication. Well done C! I wonder if everyone in Oak class can practise counting in different steps - 2s, 10s and 5s are good ones to start with, followed by 3s and 4s.

S has been working hard during lockdown. She has built an amazing lego castle and has now started her next lego project which involves over 600 pieces!  Her nature scrapbook is absolutely beautiful. Alongside this, she has also been working on her maths skills. Well done S!

GI has worked really hard at home this week and is really enjoying the growing topic. He has completed a great seed pod experiment and photographed lots of different seeds. His leaf rubbings are really good too! Well done G!

We've had a lovely few days learning about plants. On Monday, the class went on a scavenger hunt on the field, looking for different vegetables. Then the children listened to the story, 'The Enormous Turnip'. Today we looked at the work of Vincent Van Gogh and created sunflowers.

Here is HP's entry for the reading competition. She has been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. If you like this book perhaps you could read another book by Roald Dahl. One of my favourites is George's Marvellous Medicine. I love giving Grandma a really squeaky voice when I read it aloud.

Well done EC for entering the reading competition. Animal fact books and animal stories are perfect for those with an interest in wildife. Have you read The Storm Whale by Benji Davies?

G's reading competion entry. Wow, loving the face paint! G's favourite book is 'Oi Puppies'. This is what G said about this book. "It's funny and I can read it and I like the puppies." G is sitting on some derelict farm machinary. Definitely an unusual place!

C and L reading their favourite books, upside down!

C's reading competition entry.

"My favourite book is the Christmasaurus."

C also likes the Mr Men books.

I like reading because...

"It's fun and when daddy reads with me he does silly voices."

Wow! What a busy, fun-filled fortnight we have had!

It was so lovely to see some of you back in school. Lots of happy, smiling faces. 

We have been so impressed with how well you have helped to keep everyone safe, following our new rules. 

Our dinosaur topic has been so much fun. We are sad to leave the dinosaurs behind but we have another great topic for you. From pulling up huge plants to climbing mysterious beanstalks in the garden, this fortnight is going to be another busy one. 





is our new topic.



Dinosaurs, Roar!!

Hello everyone.

We hope you have been able to enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

We are looking forward to seeing some of you this week.

Below are the plans for the next two weeks. Our whole school topic is Dinosaurs. If you are coming back to school on Tuesday you could give yourself Monday off! If not please continue to use the class email to keep in touch.

We are very much looking forward to seeing your work.


Best Wishes,


Mrs Few and Miss Ashcroft




Don't forget to enter the reading competition and send in your photos (details are below).




Year 2 spelling booklet Summer term second half

Competition Time!


Take a look at our reading competition. Send  your wonderful photos to your class email along with your book recommendations.



Look at C's amazing dinosaur model. Great work this week C. It looks like there is a new dinosaur in town. With googly eyes!!!

Year 1 children in school have really enjoyed the dinosaur theme. They have worked hard with all of their activities. This week they have learned about Mary Anning, an important fossil hunter, and they have made their own dinosaur footprint fossils from salt dough. They have learned that fossils and bones help us to know about dinosaurs. Super work everyone! 
G has shared some more amazing work with us! He has made a great set of top trumps cards and Tyrannosaurus Drip is now painted and living in his habitat. Super work - well done!

Year 1 children have made dinosaurs and created a habitat for them to live in. Here are their habitats made on a paper plate. What fantastic work!


C has been enjoying learning about dinosaurs. He has been fossil hunting at Ramsholt and discovered some interesting things. Can you work out what they are? Well done C!

Here is GI's competition entry. This is one of my favourite books too.

GF has been working hard, finding out what dinosaurs ate.

HP is enjoying learning all about dinosaurs.

CC is absolutely loving the new topic. Take a look at some of his work.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with us this week.

Have a super weekend everyone.

Take care,


Mrs Few and Miss Ashcroft. 


Hello everyone, we hope you all enjoyed the VE Day celebrations. 

Thank you for sharing your fantastic pictures with us.

Our whole school theme is FOOD. This is a two week plan.

There are food poems to read and perhaps recite, a video of the story of the Gingerbread Man to watch, as well as links to science, music, maths learning and much more.

Perhaps you could try cooking something yummy too! 

Food, Glorious Food!

G has been finding out where bananas are grown in the world and has also been sorting foods into different categories.

G is LOVING the "Oi" books - he has read "Oi Cat" and "Oi Frog" There are lots of rhyming words to spot.

This week G measured his peas and they have shot up so quickly - some are nearly 40cm tall.

He has been busy finishing more gingerbread work - some counting and adding, telling the time, and weighing different foods.

Older brother K, did some healthy eating plate work with G, then researched food chains. They made a Food Chain Train finishing up today with the gingerbread man puddles experiment and decorating and eating a gingerbread man. 

Well done, it’s lovely to find out what you have been learning.

OR has been enjoying the food topic. Here is a photo of his favourite dinner and diet chart.

Following on from C's story writing. He and L have worked together to make dinosaur gingerbread. They look amazing. Enjoy eating them all up!

C has drawn fruit today and also tried an experiment with eggs. You could try it too!

Fill a bowl of water and then place an egg in it. If it’s on its side, it’s fresh. If it’s standing on its end it needs to be used very soon. If it’s floating in the water, it’s past the point where you should use it. Great science exploring C! He has also played a game of crazy chefs.

C has written a super story based on The Gingerbread Man. He has changed all of the characters into dinosaurs! Well done!

C has been working on his 2 and 5x tables and phonics. He has also designed a new Super Hero! Here is C sorting his food into two groups. Some food travels a long way to get to the shops.

Good morning everyone,

Please take a look at the plans for this week (This is a 1 week plan only). 

We would love to see what you have been doing. 

Remember you can email us at



VE Day Topic

VE Day Comprehension

Competition Time

It has been lovely seeing your work this week, especially linked to VE Day. We hope that you have a very special weekend and manage to celebrate and remember even in 'lock down'. Keep safe everyone!

E has been busy preparing for VE Day. Look at his amazing Lego robot. I wonder how tall it is?

C has been working really hard on his maths and has read the text about VE Day really carefully to answer the questions. Great work! He has even found time to find out about VE Day. Well done C!
G has been enjoying his reading and has made some amazing bunting with his family! Wow! They are certainly ready for VE Day celebrations. 
O has written a super story using -ion words and found out some interesting facts about VE Day from his nan. Great work O!
H has been busy baking bread, working on her weather diary and completing her VE Day reading comprehension. Now she's started on her bunting. Well done H!

Well done PK. Lots of great work completed.

Good afternoon everyone,


Just visited the Edinburgh Zoo site for my daily catch up with the beautiful animals and seen lions!!!


Take a look, there are three cubs and their parents to see.


Next week we will have a new topic for you.


Keep safe, keep smiling.

Hello Oak Class,


It’s Miss Ashcroft here! I was really looking forward to teaching you this term with Mrs Few. Unfortunately, we can’t work together in school just yet but Mrs Few and I have planned some lovely activities for you to try at home during the next few weeks which we will be sharing with you all soon. I am looking forward to seeing lots of photos of your super work.


Enjoy your time at home – have fun and keep safe!


Hopefully see you soon,


Miss Ashcroft

Good morning everyone,

Happy 1st May!

Can you remember the months of the year?


Thank you for sharing your wonderful work. Well done, J,G,L and N. We love to see the fantastic work and exciting activities you have been doing at home. Remember you an email photos and questions to the class email account.

Hello everyone,


I have just had a look at the site below and listened to Winnie The Pooh.

It's beautifully read.

As the weather has turned a little gloomy why not make a den, snuggle up and listen to a story?

                                                         Reading at Home


If you are looking for some different books to read, take a look at the Suffolk library services website.


If you don't already have a library card, you can still sign up.



Keep looking after your seedlings. I wonder how tall these pea plants are now?

Here are some more pictures. H has been very busy learning all about pandas. I wonder how much bamboo a panda eats in a day?

Oak class have been very busy at home. Great work.



Activities 20th April larger font

Reading books

Welcome back after the Easter holidays, I hope that you are all enjoying the sunshine and keeping busy. Our topic for the next two weeks is THE ZOO. Here are some activities for you.

I'm glad I was your teacher

I've come to LOVE you so

I can't believe the end is here

and that I've got to go.


You've all been STARS

and I will remember you all so dearly

You've all helped to light up my life

and I mean that so sincerely.


Never forget all the FUN we had

in all the things we did

But most of all remember

you are all very SPECIAL kids.



Love Mrs Death  April 2020 xxx



Sunday 19th April 2020

Hi everyone.


I just wanted to say one last thank you for all of your hard work and one more 'see you soon'.  


Stay safe.


All my love Mrs Death xx


Friday 10th April 2020


I hope you are all enjoying this lovely sunshine and having a fun Easter holidays so far.  I have been doing lots of arts and crafts with my children and am so excited to see some of the things you have been up to as well. Look at PK’s beautiful princess footprints and GF’s fabulous model of a fighter plane.  Please keep emailing our class email as it’s my last week as a teacher at Creeting-I’d love to see your photos before I go. 

Mrs Death xx 

Friday 3rd April 2020
It was so lovely to hear from EJ today and see all the exciting things that she and V have been up to at home  x Great work girls xx 

Wednesday 1st April 2020


Good morning!! If we were in school today we would be singing our months of the year song and changing our calendar to say April! Thank you to everyone who has been emailing our class email address with photos of smiling faces and wonderful work-it is certainly helping to keep me smiling.  If you haven’t already please let us know what you have been up to so we can share it with your friends on this page.  Our email is:


Stay safe everyone!

Love Mrs Death x 

J’s brilliant work x

Months Of The Year Song

Why not go on a scavenger hunt...let me know what you find x

The bigger the storm, the brighter the rainbow. Thank you for sharing your beautiful rainbow with us Willow, I hope it will remind everyone to smile xx

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Hi again!  What have you all been up to today?  I have enjoyed PE with Joe and some Cosmic Kids yoga with my children.  I miss you all but was very happy to read your is some of your AMAZING work from home.  
Love Mrs Death 

Super work by C (and L-great team work guys) x

Fabulous work by P x

A brilliant ISS model by B (and R-M x great team work)

Great work from G x

W’s wonderful work x

Lovely work from G x

Saturday 29th March 2020

Hi again everyone!


I saw this today and it made me think of you all-I really hope you are all doing well and are enjoying family time.  
Much love

Mrs Death xx 

Thursday 26th March 2020

Hello everyone!

Well, it’s day 4 and the sun is still shining! I am missing you all lots and hope that you are all safe and well and staying at home.   I have taught my 3 children our favourite songs-Spring Chicken and Lord I Lift Your Name on High.  I have posted the links below so you can sing along with us!! Don’t forget to email Mrs Few and I using and let us know what you are all up to.  Stay safe my little ones...elbow pumps to you all and ‘see you soon’.

Love Mrs Death xxx 

I'm a spring chicken

I'm a spring chicken - spring / Easter song for kids -- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at -- Create animated videos an...

Lord I Lift Your Name on High

At Home Learning Pack - Oak Class - Easter

See the source image

Oak class is Year 1/2 and it is taught by Mrs Few and Mrs Death.  Mrs Borrett is our fabulous TA!  We have moved classrooms (again!) Here are some photos of our fantastic new environment...




WoRlD bOoK dAy 2020
To celebrate World Book Day 2020 Oak class enjoyed reading books by Julia Donaldson.  We listened to and compared the characters and storylines in Paper Dolls, The Scarecrows Wedding and The Gruffalo.  We  also completed activities linked to each book.  At the end of the day we voted for our favourite story-The Gruffalo received 17 votes and was our winner.  

We enjoyed making our own paper doll characters and telling their stories.

We worked in teams to make Betty O’Barley and Harry O’Hay remembering all the things we have learned about collage in our Art lessons.

As a special World Book Day treat we made Gruffalo Crumble, complete with poisonous warts and purple prickles, and served with a side of owl ice cream!

Our new topic for this half term is...SPACE.  We will be finding out all about the solar system, the first moon landing, the space race and what it’s like to be an astronaut.  We will also be deciding if aliens are real! Can you believe a spaceship has crash landed onto our school field-we will be helping the police with their investigation into where this spaceship has come from and why it crashed. 


Still image for this video

Thank you for making these wonderful castles at home!

Mrs D is really impressed with Year 1’s fabulous independent writing.  We have been learning to write a 5 sentence story...well done everyone. 
In DT we have been finding out how to join materials together.  We are really pleased with our castle theme moving pictures. 

Super castle theme models by H, B, P, D and N!

Collage shields

Portraits of Queen Elizabeth II

Oak class have really engaged in our castles topic and have enjoyed finding out lots of new information.  

Castle job adverts by Year 2

William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings by Year 1

It’s all about the money, money, money in maths this week.  We have been naming the coins and talking about their values, adding amounts together and Year 2 have even been giving change!! 

Making amounts in different ways

In our art lessons we are leaning about collage.  Today we collaged some flags in the style of Patrick Heron.  We talked about Heron’s use of hot and cold colours in his artwork and worked with a partner to create a hot and cold piece of work, 

Year 1 have been learning about nouns and adjectives.  They worked together to name and label all of the nouns on a poster.  They also practiced writing sentences that included a noun and an adjective to describe it. 

Printing castles with 3D shapes and exploring symmetry in Year 1

We started off the new year by making promises to ourselves for 2020.  
In our art lessons we have been exploring painting techniques.  We have leaned about brush strokes, shape, pattern and colour mixing. 

Zero Through Nine by Jasper Johns

Chalk and charcoal polar bears

Amelia Earhart-Year 1 independent writing 📝✏️

Fun with fractions!


This half term our topic is ‘Up, Up and Away’.  We have been learning about the achievements and life of Amelia Earhart.  We are currently writing a biography about her adventurous life.  We have also designed and made our own planes, learned how to draw a biplane, and thought of questions we would ask Amelia if she were alive today. 


We will remember them


We enjoyed a fabulous trip to Pizza Express and Christchurch Park in Ipswich.  Check out our hall display to find out all about it! 


We have been focusing on writing in full sentences, starting with a capital letter and ending with a full stop, exclamation mark or question mark.  We have enjoyed reading Dear Teacher, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs and Hansel and Gretal.  

MATHS-Shape, Space and Measure

We have been naming and describing 2D and 3D shapes, measuring using non-standard and standard units of measure and learning how to tell the time.

Year 2 have been naming and talking about the properties of shapes.  We enjoyed using the app ChatterKids to make our shape foxes talk...can you guess which shape the children are describing?


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


From fantastic self-portraits to amazing drawings of the Big Bad Wolf.  We have been learning about how to make different types of marks, how to use drawing pencils in different ways and the importance of looking carefully when doing observational work. 

Self portraits

Experimenting with different marks and media

TOPIC (History)-Houses and Homes

We have been comparing our own homes with homes from the past.  We have enjoyed finding out about Celtic Roundhouses, Anglo-Saxon stick huts, and Tudor and Victorian houses.

Our Learning Journey 2018-2019
Summer Term 2
We had a fantastic trip to Felixstowe seaside.  We enjoyed building sandcastles and eating ice cream the most!
Summer Term 1
This half term in Topic lessons we have been finding out about the history of the seaside...
In Literacy we have been reading stories written by Eric Carle.  
Year 1 did some fantastic work on the book The Tiny Seed. 
We painted hermit crab in the style of Eric Carle. 
In our Art lessons we have been finding out about aboriginal art.  We learned about the symbols for home (a concentric circle of dots) and journey (a straight or wiggly line of dots).  We then designed our own piece of art incorporating both symbols. 
We also dot painted some sea creatures...
We worked in pairs to design a didgeridoo using the symbols and pictures commonly found in aboriginal artwork.  Mrs Death thinks they are beautiful. Well done everyone! 
Spring Term 2
As part of our RE day we compared Christianity and Judaism.  We talked about Easter and Passover then made a Star of David and a cross and interlinked them to represent the similarities between the two faiths.  

Easter gardens

Highlights from our AMAZING ‘History Off the Page’ Toys Day.  


Toy museum


Making our own toys

 The challenge was on this afternoon in our maths lesson...each table was provided with an A3 sheet of paper, some scissors and glue.  Their make the longest snake possible using the resources in front of them-in just 10 minutes!! The children worked really well together and used problem solving skills to create their snakes.  Once all 5 snakes were made  they were asked to measure them using non standard (cubes) and standard (metre sticks) units of measure and compare their measurements with each other.  Who made the longest snake and how?!!  Great fun Oak class and super measuring. 
Today in maths we found out about capacity and volume.  We compared containers and practiced accurate measuring.  
Today in RE we talked about how symbols can represent special things.  We looked at some Christian symbols of Easter and what they mean.  We worked in pairs to come up with our own Easter symbols (whilst eating hot cross buns!)
Today in Literacy we looked at instruction writing and the importance of doing things in the correct order.  After sequencing and writing instructions for making salt dough we all followed them to make our own gingerbread people.   We will paint them next week to match the descriptions we wrote yesterday! 
This half term in RE we are learning which symbols Christians believe represent Jesus’ death and resurrection at Easter time.  Today we looked at the symbol of the cross and read the Easter story together.  We then designed our own cross and wrote and Easter prayer. 
Did you guess we are learning about Florence Nightingale in our topic lessons? 
Today in Literacy, Year 1 wrote alternative endings to the Gingerbread Man story.  Super work everyone! 
British Science Week-March 8th-17th 2019
Oak Class enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day 2019
Year 1 have really loved our work on the Gingerbread Man story. Today they sequenced the pictures and independently wrote a version of the story.  Wow!!
Today we started our new topic for this half term.  When the children came in from lunch there were some clues waiting for them...a map and a photo of the Crimean War, a lamp, some bandages and a nurses uniform. Can you guess who we are going to be learning about?
Spring Term 1
Today we had a fantastic time enjoying our last ‘Toys’ topic afternoon.  We found out about the history of teddy bears, the world’s favourite toy.  Did you know the teddy bear is only 117 years old?  That makes them younger than electricity and the first motor car! 

Split pin bears

Bear paintings

Fab work everyone!

Chinese New Year DT Day 


Today the whole school focused on DT skills as we celebrated Chinese New Year.  In Oak Class we enjoyed designing and making dragon puppets, lanterns, fans, lucky fish and drawing pigs to acknowledge 2019 as the year of the pig.  We also baked Chinese moon cakes and tasted egg fried rice, noodles and stir fry vegetables. 

This week in Art we have been looking at the work of Kandinsky. We drew pictures in his style. 

Our Literacy this term is based on stories about animals and toys to link in with our science and topic learning.  First we read the story ‘Gorilla’ by Anthony Browne.  Year 1 wrote some brilliant captions and year 2 did some fact finding and wrote about real gorillas (see work displayed in the hall).

This week we have really enjoyed reading the story ‘Dogger’ by  Shirley Hughes.  The Year 1 children have made some amazing LOST posters and some of them have  written very impressive versions of the story.

Dogger LOST posters

Our Topic this term is 'toys' and  we have been comparing toys today to the toys our parents and grandparents played with when they were small.  We have also enjoyed talking about our favourite toys, what toys are made from and how they have changed over the last hundred years. 

This half term our RE focus is 'Islam-Believing' and we are finding out the answer to the question 'how do some Muslims show Allah is compassionate and merciful?'

We listened to the story of the crying camel and talked about the special message of being kind, caring, helpful, thoughtful and compassionate.  Then we all painted a picture from the story as we talked about what these words mean.  We also enjoyed creating creatures as we found out Muslims believe Allah is the creator of everything. 

In our Maths lessons on Wednesdays and Thursdays we have been doing lots of measuring! We have been using comparative language to describe how long, tall and short things are and then measuring them using non-standard and standard units of measure.  We have also been ordering our toys and ourselves by length and height. 

In Art we are focusing on drawing skills.  This week we listened to an excerpt from the story 'The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark' and painted Plop.  We thought carefully about brush strokes and representing texture by using different marks.  

Happy 2019 everyone!! This morning we have been remembering the best ‘snapshots’ of our Christmas holiday and taking a moment to appreciate the time spent with family and the generous gifts we received. This afternoon we discussed the traditions of New Year celebrations and made our ‘one word’ resolutions.  We all thought of a word that encompasses what we want to improve on in 2019.  Super thoughts and ideas Oak Class-lets make sure we work on them together.  



Autumn Term 2

Merry Christmas everyone and thank you for the lovely gifts we received.


Love from 


Mrs Death, Mrs Few and Mrs Borrett



What a super pirate crew Captain Deeth had today!  Fantastic costumes everyone and a great day-with almost all the crew following the pirate code!  Arrrrrrr!!!!


Can you spot Captain Bluebeard, Captain Calico, Captain Melanie and some quite scary looking pirates amongst our crew photos?

Our Literacy this half term has been based on  the story 'The Night Pirates' by Peter Harris.  We have enjoyed writing facts, captions, labels, instructions and our own pirate stories.  Here is some of our amazing work...
In Maths we have been practicing our addition and subtraction skills using a variety of equipment and methods.  Year 2s have also been learning some multiplication-don't forget to practice your 2 times tables at home!

Year 1 addition bracelets

Year 2 multiplication

In our Topic lessons we have been finding out about the adventures of Christopher Columbus.  We started off the topic by imagining we were explorers and hopping into our hot air balloon!(thanks Mrs A-P)
We then enjoyed making maps of Christopher Columbus’ journeys, painting pictures of his ships, and writing facts about him. 

Hot air balloon adventures!

Christopher Columbus activities

During our RE lessons we have been learning about the Nativity story and why Jesus’ birth was so significant to Christians. 
Autumn Term 1
This half term our theme in Literacy is Superheroes.  We have loved the story ‘Supertato’ and were shocked to find out the Evil Pea had been causing mischief in our school!   We have focused on writing lists, labels, captions and writing in full sentenes.  We have also enjoyed designing WANTED posters for the Evil Pea. 
We have loved learning about The Great Fire of London in our Topic lessons and are now all experts!  We have written diary entries like Samuel Pepys, worked together to draw Pudding Lane, written facts, answered questions, made fire collages, designed a monument out of clay, rebuilt London out of Lego and made 3D houses and burned them down!   Super work everyone!

Re-enacting the Great Fire

Finding facts, answering questions and working together to draw Pudding Lane

Making houses of 1666

Using clay to design a monument to remember the Great Fire