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Creeting St Mary Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School

Creeting St Mary CEVAP School

Anything is Possible


Welcome to Oak Class! 

Welcome to Oak Class. This year Mrs Few is teaching on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week and Miss Ashcroft teaches the class on Thursdays and Fridays. Mrs Borrett is full-time as a TA and we are also joined by Mrs Fuller, Ms Knights and Mrs Mitchell during the week. Liam is teaching P.E. on Wednesdays and Thursdays - don't forget to come dressed for P.E. on those days!

You can learn more about what we are learning in the termly newsletters below and on the curriculum section of the website.

We are looking forward to an exciting year of learning and hopefully no school closures!

Mrs Few and Miss Ashcroft


Autumn Term Newsletter

Summer term Newsletter

Our Learning Summer Term 2022

Books to enjoy reading this term

Week Beginning Monday 9th May

This week Oak class have been….

  • Making equal groups and sharing.
  • Teaching others how to solve quiz questions, explaining and reasoning.
  • Listening to our book of the week, ‘Lost and Found.’
  • Reading a variety of portal stories, taking ideas from them to use in our own stories.
  • Creating story maps for our own portal stories.
  • Talking about what to do when we fall out with our friends, using calm voices, friendly attitude, kind words, stepping away from the situation.
  • Observing the growth of our bean seeds, making careful observations. They have grown so TALL!
  • Learning to identify and name garden and wild plants.
  • Year 2 children continue to listen to stories and answer quiz questions using our new reading system.
  • Year 2s have been learning how to answer questions that require them to practise their skills of retrieval, prediction, inference, sequencing and vocabulary understanding.
  • Some year 1s have been learning how to answer comprehension questions.
  • Continuing to practise our handwriting.
  • Learning our weekly spellings/phonemes/graphemes. (Year 2s – ‘tion’ eg. station.  Year 1s – ‘are’ eg. care.

Week Beginning Tuesday 4th May

This week Oak class have been….

  • Solving word problems using arrays and doubles
  • Looking at position and direction – learning to use the correct vocabulary.
  • Listening to our book of the week, ‘Jack and the Baked Beanstalk.’
  • Reading and learning the story, Jack and the Beanstalk.
  • Planning and writing our own versions of the story.
  • Talking about how we can be a great friend to others and listening to each other’s ideas about what we can improve so that we are better friends.
  • Observing the growth of our bean seeds, making careful observations.
  • Learning to name the parts of a plant, understanding the different roles each part plays.
  • Comparing parts of plants across a range of plant types.
  • Year 2 children continue to listen to stories and answer quiz questions using our new reading system.
  • Year 2s have been learning how to answer questions that require them to practise their skills of retrieval, prediction, inference, sequencing and vocabulary understanding.
  • Some year 1s have been learning how to answer comprehension questions.
  • Continuing to practise our handwriting.
  • Learning our weekly spellings/phonemes/graphemes. (Year 2s – suffixes.  Year 1s – revising alphabetical order.

Thursday 5th May

More clay work today! After shaping some clay into a pancake, we've chosen different objects to press into the clay to make patterns.

Friday 29th April

Today we continued with our clay work - building on our learning from yesterday. We formed elephants, based on the character Elmer, and added a second colour of clay to decorate them. They are amazing!

Thursday 28th April

Today we started our 3D unit in art. Listening to a story about Henry the pebble who was tossed and smoothed by the waves, hit by boulders and eaten by fish, we rolled, squeezed, pinched and pulled clay. Look at the concentration in our faces!

Our Learning Spring Term 2022

Please find below the half termly overview for spellings for year 1 and year 2 for this half term. We know that many parent/carers find these useful to use to help to support their child's learning. Thank you.

Here is a list of the books we will be sharing in class this term. 

Books we will be sharing in class

Thursday 7th April

It was lovely to see so many parents, albeit at a distance, at our celebration assembly today. Hopefully, you have dried off! 

All of the staff who work with Oak Class would like to wish you a very happy and peaceful Easter and we look forward to seeing the children back in school after the holidays.

Thank you for your continued support.

Happy Easter everyone!

Thursday 31st March

Today we've had lots of fun printing. We used primary colours, starting with yellow, then over printing with red and then blue.

Thursday 24th March

What a lovely Spring day! Our Thursday/Friday afternoons include lots of art in the next few weeks. We looked at art work by Richard Long and then enjoyed creating circles outdoors. They are amazing!

Work beginning 21st March


This morning we will practise our CEWs on our whiteboards. Year 1s are looking at telling the time to the half hour. Here is some information if you are learning from home.

Year 2s are making patterns with 3D shapes. Take a look at the webpage below.

Today in Literacy we are looking back at our plans for our spring walk report. We will check we have included facts in order as they happened, included some longer sentences using and, but, because, used time connectives (first, then, finally), past tense verbs and explained the who, what, when, why questions. Then we will write our reports in sentences (remembering finger spaces, capital letters and full stops).

This afternoon we have P.E and share and talk time. Enjoy some time in the garden if you are able to and snuggle up and enjoy a book with an adult if you are learning from home.


We went on spring walk around the village, observing signs of spring. If you are learning from home. Have a good look around your garden. What flowers can you see? What do you notice the birds are doing? Can you spot some insects. As the weather warms up you will spot lots of things growing. Once we got back to the classroom we shared our observations with each other. 

Using our knowledge of report writing we planned our report to share with Mrs Borrett as she stayed at school. We want to explain to her what we saw and heard. We split a piece of paper into 8 sections and tried to remember something from the trip to put in each box. We then added time connectives (first, then, next). We improved our plan by adding more interesting verbs - observed, watched, spotted, trekked. Finally we discussed how we could describe what we saw in more detail - adding adjectives eg. beautiful, orange-centred daffodils and dainty violets. 

We have been practising our CEWs every morning. Don't forget to have a go at home. Year 1s have learnt to spell the 'v' sound 've'  eg. love, dove, above. Ask an adult to say a sentence using some of the words in. Have a go at writing the sentence. Can you spell the words accurately? Year 2s have been looking at the 'or' sound spelt 'ar' again. Eg. warmer. 

This afternoon we have studied data to compare day length during the four seasons. Take a look at the webpage below. There is a quiz you can take too.


Today year 1s are larning to read and spell words containing the 'v' sound spelt 've'. Eg. have, love, dove, above. Find some 'v' words in your reading books and have a go at spelling them.

Year 2s are learning the 'or' sound spelt 'ar'. Eg. war, warm. Have a go at spelling these words and spotting them in your reading books.

Don't forget to read your book to an adult and enjoy listening to some stories as well.

In maths year 2s are sorting 3 D shapes under different headings. Find some 3 D shapes around the house and sort them into two groups. Eg. shapes with square faces and shapes with other faces or shapes that have 5 or more edges and shapes with less than 5 edges. 

Year 1s are learning to tell the time to the hour. We are learning to spot the hour and minute hand and how to spot an 'o clock' time. Have a go at telling the time on an analogue clock. We also practised drawing clocks which is very tricky. Have a few goes and see if you can improve each time you do it.

This afternoon we are finding out how to stay safe at home, understanding that medicines and household products can be dangerous if not used safely. Have a look with an adult at some items in your home. What symbols do products such as dishwasher tablets, bleach and cleaners have on them that shows they can be dangerous? Talk to an adult about where is a safe place to keep medicines and who you should talk to if you think you need medicine. 

Week beginning 14th March

Work for children learning at home on Friday 18th March:

As always the day will start with spelling: at home you could practise spelling the numbers from one to twenty and even try the tens numbers up to 100, thirty, forty, etc. Have a look at the words on the spelling sheet for this term – you could try to write nonsense sentences using these words.

Reading this morning – for Year 1s and Year 2s, it is time reading their reading books. Year 1s also usually have a story session with Ms Knights – perhaps there is an adult who can read to your child today.

Maths – Year 1s will be continuing with their work on money this morning. Perhaps you could find some coins, sort them out and count them. In school we will be learning to give change – you could start with 10p and practise working out the change you would get for different amounts. Children could even make a little shop with things from your cupboards!

Year 2s – Year 2s are tackling a ‘puzzle book’ today which will have a mix of questions in it. Please see attached. These are quite tricky. Let your child try it on their own first and then you could try to work them out together.

Today’s new daily 10, on the topmarks website, subtraction, to 10 and to 20 – trying to work these out quickly.

Literacy: in Literacy we will be using the words and phrases collected yesterday to write a description of the setting in our story. Use your words from yesterday to write sentences to describe the setting of the story that you chose. Remember to use capital letters and full stops, keep your handwriting tidy and use some super adjectives to describe.


Friday afternoon this week is music. If you would like to do some music, the Key Stage 1 Oak National Academy music lessons are great – you could carry on with the next lesson from yesterday. We also have celebration assembly and a story to end the day. Choose a favourite book and enjoy curling up with it for a good read. Don’t forget to have some playtime too!

Work for children learning at home on Thursday 17th March:

As always the day at school will start with spelling: at home you could practise spelling the numbers from one to twenty. Have a look at the words on the spelling sheet for this term (at the top of this page) – you could practise spelling these words too.

Reading this morning – for Year 1s, it is time reading their reading books and for Year 2s, it is reading comprehension day. Please see the St Patrick’s day comprehension attached and try either the two star or three star one. Remember to read carefully and think about what the question is asking.

Maths – Year 1s have started learning about time. Today’s lesson involves looking at calendars. Look at a calendar – find today and find your birthday. Can you say the months of the year in order? Do you know the date of special events for your family? Look at how many days are each month – you might know a rhyme about the days of the month.

Year 2s – Year 2s are learning about shape. Today’s lesson in school is counting and describing the faces of 3d shapes. Find some boxes – possibly in your kitchen cupboard – how many faces are there? What shape are the faces? Can you name the shape? (We know about cuboids, cubes, pyramids, cylinders and triangular prisms.)

Today’s daily 10, on the topmarks website, is ordering numbers to 20 and to 100.

Literacy: in Literacy we are starting to read our story, Pattan’s Pumpkin and we are collecting words and phrases to describe the setting. You could choose a story and write words to describe the setting – can you add an adjective to describe a noun, e.g. mighty river. Keep your words as you will need them tomorrow.

Thursday afternoons are PE and the other afternoon subject this week is music.

If you would like to do some music, the Key Stage 1 Oak National Academy lessons are great – choose one and you could do another tomorrow as well. If you would like to do some PE at home, you could always find some kids yoga on You Tube or even try some of the lock down ‘PE with Joe’ sessions.

We hope to see back with us soon!

It is British Science Week. Here are some pictures of our work on growing. The children have been using their mathematical knowledge of measuring to use in a practical context. First they measured the amount of water needed. Then they used rulers to take accurate measurements of the length of the roots and stems of the spring onions as well as the circumference of the onion. Finally the children used a compass to find out the direction the spring onions are facing and used a thermometer to find out the daily temperature. As always the children were incredibly enthusiastic. CC said, 'This is the best day of my life!' Like all good scientists we recorded our data for future reference. Our experiments are not finished yet. Oak class will be finding out how much the spring onions grow over a 2 week period. Look out for further pictures. If you are inspired by our work in class why not have a go at growing something at home.

Week beginning 14th March


Today we will be finishing our newspaper reports all about the first moon landing. Once you have finished writing remember to look back and read it carefully out loud. 

Have you...

missed any words out?

included facts in order as they happened?

included a picture and caption?

included a headline?

used capital letters to start sentences/for place names and people's names?

finished sentences with a full stop?

used different ways to start  sentences?

used words related to the moon landing eg. docked, launched, landing, module, lunar?


Now check that you have  spelt words correctly. You could use a dictionary and remember to think about the spelling rules you have been taught so far this year.


In science we are finding out about the seasons. 

We will be watching this clip. Can you spot the different seasons?

Science KS1 / KS2: The changing seasons - BBC Teach


Take a look at the bbc webpage below to find out about 2 and 3D shapes. This is the area we are looking at this week in Year 2.

2D and 3D shapes - KS1 Maths - BBC Bitesize


Year 1s are finding out about capacity. Use the link to find out about capacity.

What is capacity? - BBC Bitesize


Follow the video to complete the science lesson. 

Grow: Lesson resources - BBC Teach


This afternoon the children will have their P.E lesson. If you are learning from home you could try some yoga. The children will also be reading and choosing new books to bring home and share. Remember to read at home and record this in your reading record.



Today we will be starting our science week experiment.

We are going to find out what happens to plants as they grow. In our lesson we will be taking accurate measurements to find out the length of spring onions and measuring amounts of water to give the plants. Each school day we will measure the length of the roots to record growth and take a temperature reading. In Literacy today we will continue to plan our newspaper reports. If you are learning from home don't forget to think about which information your reader would be most interested in finding out about. In maths today year 2s are looking at 3D shapes and year 1s are finishing their capacity work with some practical problem solving.



Today year 2s are making patterns with 2 D shapes. Have a go at making patterns at home if you can. What 2 D shapes can you spot around the home. Tell an adult what you know about the different shapes. Remember to use the mathematical vocabulary we have learnt. sides, vertices, symmetrical.

Year 1s are continuing to learn about capacity. If you are learning from home this week have a go at finding out how much different cans/jars/ bottles hold. With an adult try using different beakers/jugs to measure accurately.

This week in literacy we are writing our newspaper report all about the moon landing. Remember to use a catchy headline, include a picture with a caption and write in sentences, giving lots of facts in order.

This afternoon we are beginning to look at spring and how the clothes we wear change as the temperature becomes warmer. We will start to look at how day length changes too. If you are learning from home take a look at video clips about spring time. What might you spot if you went outside in spring? 

Please continue to read regularly to an adult at home and enjoy listening to stories too. 

Our daily ten activity this week is all about ordering numbers up to 20 and 100. 

Take care everyone.

Week Beginning 7th March

This week Oak class have been….

  • Comparing and measuring weights
  • Identifying 2D shapes and their vertices.
  • Listening to our book of the week, ‘The Paper Bag Princess’.
  • Understanding the importance of pictures in news reports.
  • Writing captions to go alongside pictures.
  • Writing quotes to include in a news report.
  • Writing questions to ask a Christian about prayers and how and why they pray.
  • Finding out about how to stay safe whilst crossing the road.
  • Some Year 2 children have been listening to stories and answering quiz questions using our new reading system.
  • Year 2s have been learning how to answer questions that require them to practise their skills of retrieval, prediction, inference, sequencing and vocabulary understanding.
  • Some year 1s have been learning how to answer comprehension questions.
  • Continuing to practise our handwriting.
  • Learning our weekly spellings/phonemes/graphemes. (Year 2s – ‘ee’ sound spelt ‘ey’ eg. chimney.  Year 1s – revising the ee and ar sound.

Thursday 10th March

Today we have had lots of fun in our music lesson! We are learning a song, specially written for schools, which is in a rock style! Today we learnt the chorus and joined in with actions. We also listened to an extract of Queen's 'We will rock you!'. The children loved clapping, feeling the pulse and joining in with lots of movement. We also talked about pitch, dynamics, texture and rhythms. Apologies that the pictures are so blurred - there was lots of movement!

Week Beginning 28th February

This week Oak class have been….

  • Learning to measure objects using non-standard and standard units of measure.
  • Learning about 2D and 3D shapes and their properties.
  • Listening to our book of the week, ‘Zog’ and memorizing the poem – ‘Mix a pancake’.
  • Joining in with the World Book Day fun -attending the "It's a Party Parade with Sara Miller!” with Scholastic Live Events.
  • Sequencing events into chronological order.
  • Learning to read and retrieve information to answer comprehension questions all about Neil Armstrong.
  • Reading a news report in order to learn what features to include in our own reports about the Moon landing.
  • Discussing what prayer means to Christians; When and where they pray; What they pray to God about and what Christians think about God.
  • Listening to the story of the ‘Feeding of the 5000’.
  • Looking at pictures of people praying at different times of the day/ in different places and with different people and asking questions about the pictures.
  • Finding out about how to stay safe – stranger danger and what to do if you ever get lost.
  • Some Year 2 children have been listening to stories and answering quiz questions using our new reading system.
  • Year 2s have been learning how to answer questions that require them to practise their skills of retrieval, prediction, inference, sequencing and vocabulary understanding.
  • Some year 1s have been learning how to answer comprehension questions.
  • Continuing to practise our handwriting.
  • Learning our weekly spellings/phonemes/graphemes. (Year 2s – ‘u’ sound spelt ‘o’ eg. nothing.  Year 1s – revising the days of the week.

Friday 4th March

Finally, we got to read our books to children from Birch class.

Thursday 3rd March

It was World Book Day today! Thank you for supporting the children to decorate their potatoes - they were amazing! We enjoyed hearing about who the children had chosen as their favourite book character and we also had a chance to see the potatoes made by the whole school. We were also very privileged to join Axel Scheffler for a live event. He drew illustrations live for the children to see - including one of Zog -  and he also read some poems and stories. The children were wowed by his drawings!

Friday 18th February 

As we come to the end of the first Spring half term we would like to share with you a link to some stories you might like to share with your child. This term we have read a variety of stories including fables and stories from other cultures.


KS1 English: Tales From Around The World - BBC Teach

Friday 18th February

It is such a disappointment not to be in school today - it was going to be an exciting day! However, we hope that everyone keeps safe and then has a great half term holiday next week. Here are some learning activities for you.



What can you enjoy to read today? Read some of your reading books but can you also find something else to read? It could be a story book or maybe it is something else – the back of your cereal box, some instructions, a recipe……. Choose a favourite story to read to your teddy. You could also listen to some of the 'Tales around the World' in the link above this post.



Lots of the children find telling the time difficult on a clock face. Please keep telling the time during the day! Start with o’clock and build up gradually with half past, quarter past, quarter to and then the 5 minute intervals, depending on what your child knows already.
For Year 1 - there is a lesson on o’ clock on Oak academy, which would be a good refresher. Find this at: Oak Academy, Year 1, Maths, Time, lesson 4. You could try lesson 5 as well if you wish!

For Year 2 – there is a lesson on identifying quarter past on a clock face. Find this at: Oak Academy, Year 2, Maths, Time, lesson 3.

If your child is good at telling the time on a clock face, you could try one of the later lessons on time for Year 2.

Other maths activities that you could do could include counting some money and practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. You could also log on to numbots or try the games on ‘TopMarks’. The children enjoy daily 10 every day.



Listen to the wind. What sound is it making? How many different words can you write to describe the wind? Look through your window. What can you see the wind doing? Draw a picture of a windy day and add lots of captions or labels to show what is happening.



Spelling the number words. Some numbers are easy to do if you use sounds to help – six, ten etc but some of the other number words are very tricky! Can you spell all of the number words up to ten? Can you spell all of the number words up to twenty? You could also practise spelling the tens words, twenty, thirty, forty, etc. You could try writing them in your best handwriting – and Year 2 could try to join the letters. You could try writing them in different colours and styles. You could try to write some sentences using them.



Log on to purple mash. Children should know their log-ins if you’ve lost it as they regularly log-in at school. We have started a unit on exploring different ways of presenting information digitally. Yesterday we started creating quizzes using 2Quiz. Children can either open yesterday’s saved quiz or have a go at creating a new one. We were writing a quiz about the story ‘The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse’ but they could choose a different topic. You will find the 2Quiz app in tools or set as a 2Do.

They could also have fun using some of the different apps. They have previously used 2Paint, 2Calculate and 2Explore but many of the apps are easy to work out how to use.



Today we should have been doing PE! You could enjoy some yoga indoors. Here is the story of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ to enjoy.



Week Beginning 7th February

This week Oak class have been….

  • Learning to measure in centimetres and metres using rulers and metre sticks accurately.
  • Counting in twos and fives.
  • Listening to our book of the week, ‘300 Facts about Space’.
  • Watching archive footage of the first manned mission to the moon.
  • Sequencing sources into chronological order.
  • Acquiring and using a wider range of vocabulary in order to explain events that took place during the first mission to the moon.
  • Gathering evidence and rejecting others in order to answer historical questions.
  • Planning, writing and editing our stories based on the fable – ‘The Greedy Dog’.
  • Year 2s have been continuing to read a non-fiction book about animals including humans and answering comprehension questions.
  • Some year 1s have been learning how to answer comprehension questions using the Master Bun The Baker’s Son book.
  • Continuing to practise our handwriting.
  • Learning our weekly spellings/phonemes/graphemes. (Year 2s – ‘or’ sound spelt ‘a’ or ‘al’ eg. altogether.  Year 1s – revising the different graphemes learnt to make an a-e sound eg. snake, play, snail.



Friday 11th February

Hooray! We've finished our books and they are super! We have written our stories, edited them and made our moving pictures. Today we ordered the pages and added a front cover before we read them to Ash class. Next week we will evaluate them and hopefully read to Birch.

Week  Beginning 31st January

This week Oak class have been….

  • Learning to interpret pictograms and block diagrams.
  • Representing and comparing larger numbers.
  • Listening to our book of the week, ‘Kallaloo’.
  • Investigating how to make a paper boat waterproof.
  • Using a wide range of vocabulary to describe the properties of different materials.
  • Writing our fable inspired stories and learning how to edit and improve them.
  • Using our imaginations to create new story ideas based on the fable – The Dog and His Reflection.
  • Continuing to practise our handwriting.
  • Learning our weekly spellings/phonemes/graphemes. (Year 2s – ‘or’ sound spelt ‘a’ or ‘al’ eg. small, always.  Year 1s – ‘ew’ eg. flute.

Friday 4th February

This week the class have been following their plans to add their chosen paper mechanisms to the pictures for their 'Town Mouse and Country Mouse' books. They have worked really independently using their new skills - really impressive!


Week Beginning 24th January

This week Oak class have been….

  • Learning to use and create tally charts.
  • Counting larger numbers.
  • Listening to our book of the week, ‘Counting on Katherine’.
  • Finding out what the difference is between an object and a material.
  • Using a wide range of vocabulary to describe the properties of different materials.
  • Testing different materials to prove which properties they have.
  • Using sentence openers to support our new story ideas based around the story, ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’.
  • Creating story maps and adding expanded noun phrases, interesting verbs and sentence openers to our story ideas.
  • Year 2s have been reading a non-fiction book about animals including humans.
  • Continuing to practise our handwriting.
  • Learning our weekly spellings/phonemes/graphemes. (Year 2s – adding -ing, -ed, er, y, est to words ending in ‘e’ with a consonant before it, eg. safest, hiker.  Year 1s – ‘u-e’ eg. flute.



Friday 28th January

Year 2 were amazing this morning. They matched multiplication questions with their answers, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to help them. 

Week Beginning 17th January

This week Oak class have been….

  • Learning to divide by 2, 5 and 10.
  • Adding and subtracting, using number fact families to help us.
  • Listening to a variety of fables.
  • Painting pictures in the style of John Freeman to show how Christians today share the parables of Jesus with others.
  • Learning about the importance of sleep for a healthy life. Finding out some of the things we can do to ensure we get a restful night’s sleep.
  • Looking closely at pictures of the home, identifying and explaining possible dangers and what we can do to avoid these. Eg. picking up our toys off the floor!
  • Year 1 children have been introduced to some alien words which will consolidate their learning in phonics.
  • Identifying verbs in sentences and converting them from the present tense to the past.
  • Writing questions to ask some of the characters in the story, The Hare and the Tortoise.
  • Looking at how to create detail in our sentences by adding expanded noun phrases.
  • Year 2s have been reading about animals including humans and some of the year 1s have been learning to answer comprehension style questions about a book called The Environment.
  • Continuing to practise our handwriting.
  • Learning our weekly spellings/phonemes/graphemes. (Year 2s – adding -ing to the end of words ending in ‘y’. Year 1s – ‘0-e’ eg. home.



Friday 21st January

We've started our next DT project! Yesterday, we explored a selection of pop-up books and looked at the different mechanisms. Today we have learnt how to make sliders and levers - paper mechanisms. We've got some more mechanisms to learn how to make and then we will be making our own pop-up books. If you have any pop-up or lift the flap books at home, have a read and try to work out how the different mechanisms work.

Week Beginning 10th January

This week Oak class have been….

  • Learning to group and share values to help us divide.
  • Adding and subtracting larger amounts by using known facts and looking for patterns.
  • Listening to the story of the week: The Smartest Giant in Town.
  • Working out a riddle to find out what our new R.E topic is – Parables.
  • Acting out the story of the Lost Son and creating stained glass representations of the Lost Sheep parable.
  • Finding out that Jesus told his parables to his followers so they could find out what God was like.
  • Learning that Christians continue to share these parables with others to spread the good news about God.
  • Creating winter pictures, performing winter poems and practicing handwriting by copying their favourite poems to display in class.
  • Listening to the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper, understanding what a fable is and some of the characteristics of this type of text.
  • Watching animations of the fable, The Ant and the Grasshopper.
  • Answering questions about the story, developing their opinions about a character and convincing others to support their ideas.
  • Using their imagination to develop different story endings.
  • Writing independently.
  • Talking about why exercise is good for us and the types of sport and exercises we all do.
  • Year 2s have been reading about healthy lifestyles in guided reading and some of the year 1s have been learning to answer comprehension style questions about a book called Tall Tilly.
  • Continuing to practise our handwriting.
  • Learning our weekly spellings/phonemes/graphemes. (Year 2s – changing the y to an I before adding -ed, -er, -est  eg. happiest. Year 1s – ‘i-e’ eg. rice.

Friday 14th January

In maths this morning, Year 2 were sorting shapes by identifying what shape their faces were and counting vertices. We also revised the word edges. You could talk about shapes and count faces, vertices and edges on boxes in your cupboards.

Year 1 were sorting out Miss Ashcroft's muddle, when she dropped all the coins on the floor! If you have any collections of coins, it would be fun to sort them out and count up the money.

Thursday 6th January

Happy New Year everyone! The children have been excitedly telling us about special deliveries from Father Christmas and the fun that they have had during the holiday!

The children have settled back quickly and are working hard! So far, we've done lots of reading activities, started work on the story of 'The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse', written and illustrated winter poems, been adding and multiplying in maths and have been exploring simple spreadsheets on Purple Mash. Year 2 have been working on joining their handwriting in group sessions and Year 1 are back learning their phonics. Remember, that children can access purple mash at home - they have loved discovering that 2Calculate can calculate for them!

Our Learning Autumn 2021

Weekly spellings for this half term

Please find below the half termly overview for spellings for year 1 and year 2 for this half term. We know that many parent/carers find these useful to use to help to support their child's learning. Thank you.

Friday 17th December

All the adults in Oak would like to say thank you for your kind wishes, cards and gifts for Christmas. We hope that you have a happy and peaceful Christmas and keep well. We look forward to seeing everyone in 2022.

Happy Christmas!


Thursday 16th December

What an exciting day! After our lunch, we enjoyed a party in our classroom. We played lots of games and enjoyed a party snack.

Thursday 16th December

Today we enjoyed a lovely Christmas dinner! We pulled crackers, wore our party hats, listened to Christmas music and enjoyed the lovely food!

Friday 10th December

Lovely to see everyone back today in our warm school! Thank you for your donations for Christmas Jumper day.

Thursday 9th December - School Closure

Hello everyone,

We are so disappointed not to be seeing everyone in school. Here are some learning activities for you to try at home and hopefully we will be back in school on Friday.

Keep warm everyone!

From the Oak team



Almost everybody has just finished making their mini- Christmas stockings. (Look at the photos below if you haven’t seen them.) Split a piece of paper into quarters. In each square draw a picture and write a sentence that describes how we made them.

Tips for children: When you write your sentences remember that every time we write we use a capital letter to begin, finger spaces between words, a full stop to end our sentences and we form our letters carefully. Try to use some of our ‘extra sprinkles’ to make your sentence better – you could make it longer with a because, but or and, try to start it with a time word or ly word and don’t forget some describing words.

Here is a sentence that I have written for my second picture.

     Next I carefully threaded my sharp pointed needle and sewed tiny stitches to join the felt.

(Tip for adults: the four sections could be choosing the coloured felt and thread, sewing them together, decorating and then adding a hanger.)



Have a look at the spelling patterns/words listed in Wednesday’s work. Practise writing them as neatly as you can and impress your grown-ups with how neat you can write now. You could try writing them as triangle words – on the top you write the first letter, underneath you write the first two letters, underneath you write the first three letters and so on until you have spelt the word. It would be fun to try using different colours when you do this. Alternatively you could write some nonsense sentences with your words.



Make sure that you read your reading books. Choose a favourite book from home to read to your teddies!



Year 2 have been working with money recently and Year 1 will be working with money after Christmas.

If you have any money in the house, try sorting it out and counting it up.

Try playing these games on Top Marks


Harder: The change option on this game would be brilliant for Year 2s to play – we were learning about giving change last week.


Christmas maths fun – here are two different activity sheets to have fun with. They both involve working with data.





Normally it is PE on Thursday afternoon. Try to spend some time outdoors if you can today. You could also watch and join in with this:



This afternoon we would have been starting a new unit of work in music. You could join in with a music lesson on Oak Academy.  Go to Oak National Academy, find lessons, Key Stage 1, Music, Pitch and start with lesson 1. The lessons are short so you could try more than 1 if you enjoy them!


Wednesday 8th December School Closure

As the school is closed this Wednesday, please take a look at the following;

Year 2


Year 2 spellings week 6 Common Exception Words – find, mind, behind, old, cold, gold, hold, told, every, everybody.

Try writing these words in different coloured crayons or using different writing styles. Once you feel confident spelling the words, create some sentences with the words.


We are beginning a topic on multiplication. Practise the 2-, 3,5- and 10-times tables and the related division facts. Below is a fun game to play.

Hit the Button - Quick fire maths practise for 6-11 year olds (

And some Christmas maths addition.

add_xmas3.pdf ( easier

add_xmas4.pdf ( more challenging

Year 1

Year 1 phonics. E-e split digraph – these, theme, gene, complete, eve, evening, swede.

Practise reading and writing these words. Talk to an adult about what the words mean. Try using them in a sentence. Look out for split digraphs in your reading books.


We have been comparing numbers in class. See if you can complete the worksheet below.

order_xmas4.pdf (

Have some fun playing some Christmas themed maths activities.

Christmas Maths - 4-7 year olds - Topmarks

All Year groups


Kids View: What to do in London (Insider tips from local kids) - Bing video

In geography we have been learning about where we live. The capital city of England is London. Take a look at where London children suggest you visit. Watch the video closely. Now talk to a grown up about what you would like to visit most and why. Imagine you are a London tour guide taking a trip on an open top bus. Where would you take the visitors? What information could you tell them?



Below is a Christmas poem all about reindeer. Practise reading this poem aloud. Remember to use a clear, loud voice and use the punctuation to help you. You could even use different voices for each of the reindeer! Can you learn it off by heart? Can you add some actions to go with it? Talk to a grown up about some of the things you have noticed about the poem. Can you spot the rhyming words? What type of poem is it?

Now use your imaginations to think about a new poem using a similar style. It might be called Five Little Elves or Five Christmas Crackers. See what you can create.









Five little reindeer playing in the snow
The first one said, “Can you see my nose glow?”
The second one said, “Listen to me sing!”
The third one said, “I can hear the bells ring.”

The fourth one said, “Let’s eat the pie!”
The fifth one said, “I’m ready to fly.”
Then clomp went their hooves
And the snow fell white
As the five little reindeer flew out of sight.

Week Beginning 29th November

This week Oak class have been….

  • Calculating amounts of money and giving change.
  • Comparing numbers; using greater than, less than and equals signs correctly.
  • Finding half of amounts.
  • Continuing to practise our handwriting, especially the ascenders.
  • Learning our weekly spellings. (Year 2s –‘ies’  eg. replies. Year 1s – ‘a-e’ eg. make.
  • Learning about a good deed (Mitzvah) in the Jewish religion.
  • Listening to the story of Ruth and Naomi and learning about how it is important to Jewish people.
  • Continuing to measure the air temperature outside, recording weekly rainfall and reporting daily weather to the class.
  • Creating paper dolls to remind us of how to be kind to each other.
  • Discussing how to deal with bullying behaviour.
  • Listening to the Christmas story and acting out different events from it.
  • Planning to write a biography, rehearsing sentences with a partner and finally writing a biography independently.

Friday 3rd December

Children in school today have finished making their Christmas stockings! They are amazing. Next week, we will be evaluating them - thinking about what we like about them, what we have learnt, and how they could have been even better.


Friday 3rd December

This afternoon children in Birch shared their DT work with us. They had designed and constructed marble runs. They let us test them out and explained how they had made them. Thank you Birch class - you were amazing talking to us, so kind and caring.

Thursday 2nd December

Almost everyone has finished sewing their fabric together for their Christmas decoration and now we are decorating, using sequins and acrylic paint pens. 

Thursday 2nd December

This morning, as we finished our money topic, Year 2 were adding coins, finding different ways of making 20p and working out change. It's tricking finding totals when there is a mixture of pounds and pence!

Week Beginning 22nd November

This week Oak class have been….

  • Using shapes to make different patterns.
  • Counting in twos.
  • Revising what the value of each digit is worth
  • Continuing to practise our handwriting, especially the ascenders.
  • Learning our weekly spellings. (Year 2s –‘I’ sound spelt  ‘y’ eg. reply. Year 1s – ‘ur’ eg. nurse.
  • Listening to our book of the week: Plants and Animals.
  • Taking part in a virtual P.E football session. Thank you to Will for leading this session and to the Year 6 sports leaders.
  • Finding out how some animals survive in winter by adapting their appearance or behaviour, migrating to warmer places or hibernating.
  • Looking at data to find out what happens to the number of hours of daylight during each of the seasons.
  • Creating pictograms to help us present data in different ways.
  • Talking about teamwork and using our teamwork skills to complete a quiz.
  • Discussing what makes a good friend and what doesn’t.
  • Learning about ‘One Kind Word’ and the 2021 Anti-Bullying initiative.
  • Making kindness bracelets for each other to remind us of how we can help each other feel good about ourselves.
  • Listening to and writing sentences, using our phonics to help us spell words we are learning.
  • Learning to organize our ideas before writing. The children worked in groups to decide which information to put under different headings for our Amelia Earhart biography.

Thursday 25th and Friday 26th November

The children are working really hard at joining their pieces of felt together by sewing. Some of them are becoming experts at threading needles and they have been helping their friends! No photographs yet, so we can save the surprise until they are finished! 

Week Beginning 15th November

This week Oak class have been….

  • Learning about money; counting and sorting coins.
  • Naming 2D and 3D shapes.
  • Finding half of numbers.
  • Continuing to practise our handwriting, especially the ascenders.
  • Learning our weekly spellings. (Year 2s –‘le sound spelt  ‘al’ and -il’ eg. capital and fossil. Year 1s – ‘au’ eg. August.
  • Listening to our book of the week: Where the Wild Things Are.
  • Reading a biography of Florence Nightingale and looking at the features of a biography.
  • Comparing similarities and differences between towns and the countryside.
  • Using maps to locate and name the countries that make up the United Kingdom and their capital cities.
  • Continuing to measure the temperature outside as part of our work on weather. We measured the weekly rainfall too. There was 2mm of rainfall last week.
  • Walking around the village, taking photos of seasonal changes and looking for features of a village location.
  • Drawing maps of Creeting St Mary.
  • Creating a town and a rural village using Lego.
  • Listening to the story ‘Starry-Eyed Stan’ and discussing the teams we belong to and why teamwork is so important.


Thursday 18th November

Today we have started our DT project to make a Christmas decoration by sewing. We had a practice sewing using threading cards, have learnt about the fabric and equipment we will be using and have chosen the colours. Tomorrow we will begin sewing.

Week Beginning 8th November

This week Oak class have been….

  • Adding three 1-digit numbers
  • Comparing additions and subtractions
  • Continuing to practise our handwriting.
  • Learning our weekly spellings. (Year 2s – ‘el’ sound eg. tunnel. Year 1s – ‘ph’ eg. dolphin.
  • Listening to our book of the week: Puffin Book of First Verse.
  • Reviewing our learning about Amelia Earhart.
  • Creating planes from Lego.
  • Making paper planes and flying them.
  • Writing in the first person – I, My.
  • Describing a day in the life of Amelia Earhart.
  • Talking about the seasons and the changes that happen in autumn.
  • Observing autumnal changes in our school grounds and recording these as photos.
  • Painting autumnal pictures.
  • Learning about the weather in autumn.
  • Using equipment, we can measure different types of weather.

Thursday 11th November

A special well done to the whole of Oak class for being so respectful in our Remembrance Day service today. The children stood for half an hour during the service and listened really well. Their singing of a Remembrance Day song was fantastic - they even managed to sing in a round.

Thursday 11th November

We are spending our Thursday and Friday afternoons learning how to code on laptops to create games. We have been making bubbles move and hide when they are clicked on. Some of the children have even helped Mr Chimp to debug his code to make his game work properly. 

Week beginning 1st November

This week Oak class have been….

  • Subtracting two-digit numbers from another two-digit number
  • Using related number facts
  • Continuing to practise our handwriting.
  • Learning our weekly spellings. (Year 2s – ‘le’ sound eg. table. Year 1s – ‘oe’.
  • Listening to our book of the week: Amelia Earhart.
  • Asking and answering questions about Amelia Earhart.
  • Taking a ride in a balloon basket – imagining what it might be like to fly.
  • Comparing Amelia Earhart to another explorer – Christopher Columbus.
  • Using different sources to find out about the past.
  • Learning about the pronoun ‘I’ and writing in the first person.

Friday 5th November

Today the children have enjoyed wearing their home clothes - thank you for your donations.

In writing sessions, we have been using prepositions (on, in, under) to start sentences. 

Here are a couple of super sentences:

Under the trees are golden brownish and yellow leaves. (ET)

On the farmers green new shiny tractor are muddy wheels. (RB)


Half term challenges!

As we approach the half term holiday, we would like to say a special well done to the class. They have worked really hard this half term and they are making great progress. They all deserve to have a super break from school.


There is no expectation that the children do any home learning during the holiday - and they are tired so do need a break! However, we know that many of you are keen to support your children and as usual, we would love it if you can continue reading with them. They are making such good progress that it would be great to keep it going. Hopefully you can find some time to enjoy some books together or maybe even visit the library.

Lots of the children find it difficult to read a clock face - so much of time telling is digital in our world but they are still expected to be able to tell the time on a clock face, so it would really help if you could start practising this. Start with o clock, then half past, quarter to and quarter past. When these are secure, try the 5 minute intervals - we understand that for most children this will take quite a while to crack so don't worry if they struggle at first. Also, lots of children find counting coins difficult. Again this is something that they don't have as much opportunity to do anymore. It would really help if you could start looking at different coins, making amounts and totaling a few coins. Try to make any learning fun - a little and often works really well. Thank you

Week Beginning 18th October

This week Oak class have been….

  • Adding a two-digit number to a two-digit number and subtracting them.
  • Finding out about number families.
  • Learning how to join contrasting sentences with the word ‘but’.
  • Conducting experiments in science. Finding out what it is like to use our senses to smell, touch and see. Everyone really enjoyed the tower building challenge with our eyes closed!
  • Reasoning about animal diets and comparing animals in more detail.
  • Learning about Matthew Hensen as part of our work linked to Black History Month.
  • Identifying the features of non-fiction texts – contents, index and glossary whilst finding out about animals around the world.
  • Continuing to practise our handwriting.
  • Year 2 have been revising all the spelling patterns taught so far this term.  Year 1 have been learning the ‘aw’ sound.
  • Listening to our fiction book of the week: Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson. Lots of children already knew the author well and were able to talk about many of her other books.
  • Finding burs on the playing field and learning about how they store seeds inside them. We opened some up and have planted some of the seeds. We can’t wait to see what they grow into!

Science investigations linked to our senses. How many cubes will you use to make a tower with your eyes closed? How easy is it to put your coat on when your eyes are closed? Which object is the roughest, coldest, smoothest? Which object will smell the sweetest? Why? Which object will smell the worst? Why?

Friday 22nd October

Today we had another enrichment PE session which was fencing. The children had a great time and the instructor was very impressed with them!

Thursday 21st October

Today was our special day 'Be Safe, Be Seen!'. The children dressed in bright clothing and many had hi-viz items too. At the end of the day we talked about how the nights and mornings are getting darker so how important it is to be seen when out and about in the dark.

Thank you for your support.

Week beginning 11th October

This week Oak class have been….

  • Learning how to evacuate the building safely during a fire drill. We were all very quiet and knew to stay calm and be safe.
  • Comparing animal features from different groups.
  • Finding out what animals eat. Some are herbivores, others are carnivores and animals that eat meat and plants are called omnivores.
  • Learning to label the human body and describing what our bodies can do.
  • Adding single digit numbers to 2 digit numbers.
  • Writing independently.
  • Talking about what makes us proud to be British.
  • Discovering some of the amazing things Sir Mo Farah has done in his lifetime so far, from representing his country at the Olympic games to founding charities to help others. We even had a go at running a race and celebrating with a ‘Mobot’ victory pose.
  • Year 2s have been reading about foxes in guided reading and learning how to identify the features of non-fiction texts.
  • Continuing to practise our handwriting.
  • Learning our weekly spellings/phonemes/graphemes. (Year 2s – CEWs. Year 1s – ‘ue’.
  • Listening to our fiction book of the week: Claude in the City.

Thursday 14th October

We have started a painting unit in our afternoons. We have been exploring painting with different thickness of paint - by adding water - and also mixing colours. 

Week Beginning 4th October

This week Oak class have been….

  • Celebrating our school’s 150th birthday by dressing up as a Victorian.
  • Adding and subtracting ones and tens.
  • Using part/whole models to add.
  • Learning about household items from the past.
  • Describing artefacts from the past and deciding what they were used for.
  • Finding out about life in a Victorian school.
  • Looking for similarities and differences between objects used in schools in the past and the present.
  • Year 2s have been reading about polar animals in guided reading.
  • Continuing to practise our handwriting.
  • Learning our weekly spellings. (Year 2s – ‘j’ sound spelt ‘j’ or ‘g’ eg. jacket and giraffe. Year 1s – ‘ir’ and ‘oy’.
  • Listening to our non-fiction book of the week: Victorian School

We dressed up as Victorians for the day to celebrate our school's 150th birthday.

We had fun in the tin bath today! Oak class are learning about household objects from the past.

Can you work out what each of these artefacts are? What are they used for? What are they made from?

Thursday 7th October

Today we walked to the church and positioned our 150th anniversary painted stones. We hope that the local community enjoy them. 

Thursday 7th October

We are getting better and better at learning how to log on to our school network, type in the password and then go on to the internet to log in to purple mash. Lots to remember! Well done everyone!

Week beginning 27th September

Look at our amazing 150th celebration pebbles! We painted them on Thursday and will be taking them out into our local community for people to enjoy in Creeting St Mary.

Week beginning 27th September

This week Oak class have been….

  • Describing houses from the past.
  • Comparing houses from different periods of time, looking for similarities and differences.
  • Placing different homes from history in chronological order.
  • Identifying different animals, naming them and classifying them.
  • Reasoning about which animals we might see near our school and which we would not and why.
  • Talking about what we like about living in Britain, sharing our ideas with the class and listening carefully to others.
  • Reading and sharing a range of fiction and non-fiction books for pleasure.

Week beginning 20th September

This week Oak class have been….

  • Counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s.
  • Ordering numbers – first, second, third etc.
  • Writing descriptions about our homes.
  • Continuing to practise our handwriting.
  • Learning our weekly spellings. (Year 2s – ‘s’ sound spelt ‘c’ eg. city. Year 1s – ‘ay’ and ‘ou’.
  • Listening to our non-fiction book of the week: Step Inside Homes Through History.
  • Finding out about houses from different periods in history – Tudor, Georgian and Victorian.
  • Learning different external features of houses and using new vocabulary to label houses.
  • Discussing how we can all be better neighbours by being kind to each other.
  • Listening to the story, Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish and talking about how we all have a responsibility to look after our planet.
  • Painting pictures of our homes.

Friday 24th September

Look at our amazing drawings from the story of the three little pigs. In art lessons we have been exploring mark making, trying to show texture and looking carefully at the outline of objects. We worked in pairs to create our pictures

Week beginning 13th September 2021

Look at our amazing self-portraits! We looked really carefully at the outline of our different features and tried to draw them accurately.

This week Oak class have been….

  • Comparing numbers/objects/amounts.
  • Learning to use <, >, = signs.
  • Using capital letters to start sentences with.
  • Continuing to practise our handwriting.
  • Learning our weekly spellings. (Year 2s – ‘r’ sound spelt ‘wr’ eg. wrap. Year 1s – ‘ll’, ‘zz’ and ‘ck’.
  • Listening to our book of the week: The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig.
  • Finding out about different types of houses – bungalows/semi-detached/flats etc.
  • Discussing school rules, why we have them and how each of us is responsible for making our school community a great place to be.
  • Thinking about the promises Christians make at a christening.
  • Creating collage homes for story characters.

Friday 10th September

We enjoy eating our lunch together in the classroom!

Questions we will be Answering in R.E this Term.


Where do you belong and feel welcome?


How is a baby welcomed at a church baptism?


Why is belonging to God and the church family important to Christians?


Why are gifts given at a christening? What special meanings can they have?


What did Jesus say about the little children that were brought to see him?

Books We will be Sharing in Class this Term

This week Oak class have….

  • enjoyed the sunshine but also know why drinking plenty of water, putting a hat on and staying in the shade are important when it is very hot.
  • been learning to count and make 10 in different ways – great creativity year 1s!
  • been counting to 100 using tens and ones.
  • listened to and joined in with the key phrases from the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’ – ‘I’ll huff and I’ll puff!’
  • described a house from the story.
  • acted out the story with puppets.
  • learnt about the Christian celebration of baptism and what happens at one.
  • talked about where and how we feel welcome.
  • found out why Christians give gifts at a Christening and how those gifts will help welcome a new Christian into the church family.
  • discovered how Jesus’ actions towards children in the Bible help Christians appreciate and respect everyone.
  • learnt to use a finger spacer to improve their handwriting
  • learnt to read and spell words with the digraph ‘ff’ and ‘ss’.
  • learnt to read and spell the ‘n’ sound spelt ‘gn’ (sign, gnome) and ‘kn’ (knee, know).

Week Beginning 6th September

Friday 3rd September

It was great to see the children back at school. Today they have worked really hard, reading, writing, exploring shapes and writing numbers. In the afternoon, they had fun listening to music, dancing to it and learning a new song. The afternoon finished with our first whole school assembly in the hall since pre-Covid - it was lovely!

September 2021

Below you will find documents which outline spelling patterns that we will be working on this term.

Summer Term 2021

It’s the end of term!

Now we have reached the end of term, we would like to say how amazing the children have been. They have worked really hard and fully embraced their learning opportunities despite the challenges that Covid has brought. We are sad to see the Year 2s move on but we are confident that they are ready to flourish in Chestnut class. We had a great two days with the new Oak class at the end of term and are looking forward to working with them in September.

All of the staff in the Oak class team would like to say a heartfelt thank you for your kind gifts and cards at the end of term. Thank you for your generosity along with your support throughout the year. We hope that everyone has a happy and healthy holiday.

Friday 16th July

Beds are ready and it's lots of fun at the sleepover.

Friday 16th July

Today was the last day with Oak class 2020-21 together as they have two transition days next week. What a super last day it was! We thoroughly enjoyed our day at the beach in Felixstowe and two members of the public made a special point of telling us how impressed they were with the children - how well they behaved and played together. Well done!

Thursday 8th July

Earlier this week, Oak class really enjoyed the Summer Fun day! Thank you to the amazing team of parents who organised this for us.

Thursday 8th July

Having learnt how to prepare fruit and written recipes to make a fruit salad, today everyone worked independently to follow their plans and make their own fruit salad. This afternoon we enjoyed eating our fruit salad!

Thursday 1st July

Today we have been learning some skills to cut and prepare food. We have tried to peel, grate and cut. Look at our concentration as we practised cutting salt dough with knives. We have learnt three cuts - tunnel, claw and fork.

Thursday 24th June

Today is a national RSE day. Here at Creeting we have been thinking about positive relationships. In Oak class, we have listened to stories about friendship and talked about what makes a good friend. Working with a new friend, we have drawn pictures to show the qualities of a good friend. Here are some of our pictures.

Friday 18th June

Year 1 have had fun learning to weigh objects today. They used our balance scales and counted how many cubes were needed to balance different objects. They worked really well in pairs to measure carefully. 

Spellings for this half term

Please see below lists of words to practise each week this half term. Remember to try to make it fun! Thank you for your support.

Thursday 17th June

This afternoon we had more fun in our music lessons. We have been practising playing glockenspiels to our song. Tomorrow we are planning to sign (as we can't sing) and play to perform our song which is called 'Round and Round'. 

Thursday 10th June

Orange team have just finished a unit of work learning about shapes. Here are different cuboids that we have made, each from 24 cubes. We know that they have 6 faces, 8 vertices and 12 edges. Can you find any cuboids at home? Try exploring kitchen cupboards!

Things to look forward to after half term...


Experiments in science; planting seeds and watching them grow.

Walk to School Week (beginning 14th June).

Finding out about holidays at the seaside, now and at different times in the past.

Hopefully some sunshine!  smiley

What Makes Us Happy

Rainforest Animals and Plants

Learning about Money

Friday 28th May

We have worked hard to finish our wall hangings. We have dyed fabric, printed it in different ways, joined the fabric together and embellished the finished piece of art. We hope that you enjoy them and can find somewhere for your child to proudly display their work. Have a lovely half term everyone!

Thursday 27th May

Today we enjoyed an enrichment PE session which involved learning a hip hop dance. It was challenging to remember the moves but great fun

Thursday 13th May

Today we printed on our second piece of fabric. We made a printing block by wrapping elastic bands around a piece of card. Today we used printing inks and the rollers! We are going to do more printing tomorrow, using different techniques.

Friday 7th May

Today we started to print on our dyed fabric. We made printing slabs by pressing into salt dough, used sponges to put paint on them and then pressed them down carefully on our fabric. We started with the lightest colour and then used darker colours. 

Thursday 6th May

This afternoon we had great fun when we started our textiles art work for this half term. By folding pieces of fabric and dipping them into dye we have changed our white fabric. Now it's ready for the next stage - watch and see what we do next!

Spelling this half term

Please find the overviews for our weekly spelling patterns below. It would be really helpful if you could continue working on these at home. Try to make it fun! Thank you

Thursday 22nd April

Each week the class enjoy doing P.E. with Liam and Ellis on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. This term they are working on athletics and dodge ball. We have also already participated in a Suffolk School Games event and an enrichment 'Hip Hop' dance session this term! 

Thursday 15th April

This afternoon we have had some fun in our music lesson listening to some blues music. We have talked about the texture and dynamics of the music, clapped along with the pulse and tried to identify the different instruments playing in it. We have also been singing and signing.

Our Learning - Spring 2021

Friday 26th March

Yesterday and today, the class have enjoyed creating crosses by printing in different ways - we hope that you like your cards! We have learnt about the cross being an important Christian symbol. This afternoon we shared our big pictures of crosses at a special end of term celebration assembly in the church. We enjoyed being with the whole school, albeit socially distanced, for the first time in a year! The children were very sensible walking to and from the church and behaved very respectfully when they were there. Well done!

We really hope that you have a lovely Easter break. Happy Easter everyone!

Thursday 25th March

Today the class enjoyed practising maths facts using numbots! Have you logged in at home yet?  A few minutes several times a week will really help and the more the children do, the harder the questions get! We sent log-in details during 'lockdown' and again when the children returned to school. Any problems, let us know.

Thursday 11th March - World Book Day - A week late!

It is lovely to see everyone back in school again! Today we celebrated World Book Day, a week later than originally planned. The decorated potatoes are amazing and the children were all able to tell the class who their character was - thank you for helping your children to be so creative. During the day, we practised democracy and each child voted for their favourite decorated potato - the winners were IH from Y1 and WM from Y2. As part of our World Book Day activities, we also enjoyed listening to 'Dog Gone' by Rob Biddulph, have written a book review and worked as a team to recreate one of his illustrations. 

Friday 5th March

We’re looking forward to seeing the class back in school next week! We are sending an email with some additional detail this afternoon and there was also a letter from Mrs Friar earlier in the week to refer to.


It’s been lovely to see some more super work to finish off the time learning at home. Well done to JP and RB! JP has really enjoyed the tigers unit and measuring items around his home. RB has really enjoyed finishing the Kandinsky art work and has also been working hard on the tigers writing unit.

Monday 1st March

Thank you for the great work that has been shared with us from last week. Just one more week to go before school is open – yippee!


CR – has really enjoyed the time lessons and has been drawing some great sea creatures. Great news!

RB – has been showing great perseverance and a positive attitude towards his learning at home. Fantastic!

JP – has really enjoyed the art work and the idea of colours having a soul. He has also loved the tigers work, completed some extra research and has found time for some sewing too. Great work!

GW – completed all her work last week and is even learning the 2x table. Wow!

MB – has really enjoyed the art work this week as well! Super pictures!

AM – is enjoying his learning at home. He has even found time for football in the garden, baking and Lego!

MB – has really enjoyed the art project - painting, cutting and sticking shapes.  Well done!

LW – is working really hard with her learning. Great work L!

DW – has worked hard this week including learning about fractions. Well done!


Friday 26th February

Please find below next week’s home learning. The topic work is R.E. and you will have received some activities and a copy of the PowerPoint in your book/work pack delivery on Wednesday. There is also a link for a world book day event.

Just to update you, we included reading books for two weeks when we delivered this week and will not be doing our drop-off on Wednesday 3rd March. Please return the reading books to school with the children when they are back - by Wednesday 10th March please. Also, please can the children bring their Kandinsky art work back to school on their return so we can hopefully put them together to create our picture.

We are really looking forward to the return of the class on Monday 8th March – it will be lovely to see everyone again – we have missed the children. Take care everyone and keep up the great learning at home!

Friday 26th February

Thank you for the work that has already been shared with us. We love seeing your photos.

DB – has been working hard learning about time

ET – has completed lots of different learning activities. She has really carefully created her circles picture for our Kandinsky art work. She’s enjoyed her birthday too!

CC – has been working at his spelling and has created some pictures with his tangram pieces.

GF – has worked hard at learning to tell the time and has produced some amazing art work.


Wednesday 24th February

We are thrilled to be welcoming you all back to school soon. We are looking forward to seeing you, hearing your news and spending time playing with friends.


Here is a snapshot of the learning and activities Oak class have been doing.

MB has been playing some of the games on the phonicsplay website.

Great time work DB

Look at GW’s AMAZING artwork inspired by Kandinsky. She has used a special pen that melts wax crayons.

We have read some wonderful stories. You are so creative and are using your imaginations brilliantly. Take a look at LW’s story. It is all about a magical shell, clowns and a cheeky monkey. JP’s story involves a train, a super hero and lots of animals.

RB celebrated Chinese New Year by trying some dumplings. Check out the towering marble run he constructed too.

MB and GW made the most of the snow.

AM enjoyed the time lessons and knows lots about pitch in music.

CC’s information map looks fantastic. He has remembered lots of tiger facts and he has even made his work the same colour as a tiger!


Friday 12th February

It’s half term! We hope that you all have a lovely break – after everyone’s hard work this term under such challenging circumstances it is well deserved. smiley

Please find the plans for learning at home from Monday 22nd February below. For English, we have carefully chosen a unit of work from Oak National Academy which we think that the children will enjoy, so please give it a go. The ‘topic’ work is art, which we also hope that you will enjoy.

Friday 12th February

We are looking forward to seeing learning journals and some photos of this week’s learning. So far we have heard from:

GF – absolutely amazing spelling! He has also enjoyed the music lessons this week and has had fun with tangrams!

DB – has continued to keep going with his school work, even with the snow and no internet – well done!

CC – has been enjoying time in the snow but has got back to his learning with topmarks tables, some Tiddalik story work and Oak academy lessons. smiley

Thursday 11th February

LC and EC have been having great fun in the snow! They have made a frozen block which has a broken toy, berries and a shell in - it is beautiful! Perhaps you could have a go at freezing something outdoors too. We love their castle - at first they were building an igloo but they adapted their plan. Can you work out why?

Wednesday 10th February

Some more snow pictures. 


Well done, Oak class.

Keep up the amazing work.

Tuesday 9th February


Oak class have been enjoying themselves out in the snow.


Thank you for sending in your work this week. Great job everyone.

Have a read of ED's story. Well done.

Once upon a time, there were no sweets and everybody was sad and fed up. They were grumpy. People were arguing all the time.

They had a meeting to discuss the situation. Marmalade stepped forward and kindly volunteered to go to Sugar Mountain and rescue the sweets. So did Cheetah and Horse. The people gasped in amazement at the kind offer. Marmalade was determined, Cheetah was a fast runner and Horse was a loyal friend. Together they made a great team.

Marmalade, Cheetah and Horse set off on their long, tiring hike to Sugar Mountain. The journey was dark and cold. They were nervous about what lay ahead. They crept towards Sugar Mountain under cover of darkness. A thunderstorm raged all around them, lightning flashed and thunder roared like fire. The animals discussed how to get the sweets. They devised a cunning plan.

They managed to disguise themselves as baddy police. They entered the mountain on the drawbridge and fooled the guards into letting them into the sweet room. They spotted bag and a vault, the vault opened with a screech! Bright lights switched on revealing a gigantic mountain of multi-coloured delicious smelling sweets. They snatched the bag and filled it up with sweets. They chose one sweet each to give them energy. They felt elated. Marmalade carefully carried the bag of sweets back to the drawbridge.

They stealthily left the mountain, but suddenly the baddy police called to the “Stop!” They had been discovered! They ran as fast as their legs would carry them. The baddy police called for backup and chased after the escaping animals.

Marmalade was exhausted so she passed the bag to Cheetah who sprinted off into the sunset, “Cheetah, Stop!” yelled the baddy police.

The baddy police fired arrows at Cheetah as he escaped without being hurt. Marmalade and Horse blocked off the baddy police by building a wall across the road. They shouted “Have a lovely day!”

Horse ran quickly to catch up with Cheetah. Cheetah was sweaty and weary from his run. Cheetah passed the bag of sweets to Horse and collapsed on the floor for a rest, panting.

Horse galloped the rest of the way home. Elated, Horse ran to the Police Station in the town. They handed over the bag of sweets to the shocked SO19 Policeman. He peeped inside the black bag. He whooped with joy and ran to set off fireworks in celebration. Everybody came to the town square.

They had a big party with music and food. The SO19 police shared out the sweets amongst all the children. The people thanked Horse, Cheetah and Marmalade for their kindness. They all lived happily ever after. The End.

Friday 5th February

Please find the plans for learning at home from Monday 8th February below. This week there are some short music lessons to enjoy and an activity for Safer Internet Day, along with the usual maths and English learning activities. It was lovely to see lots of the children at our class meets this week – next week they are on Tuesday afternoon so watch out for the email invites.

It’s the last week before the half term so we hope that you have a great week learning knowing that the following week is a school holiday! Take care everyone!

Friday 5th February

Well done GF! First one to send in his work for this week and he has shared a super story that he has written about his toys. Have a read! He has also been enjoying exploring transport and has even made his own timeline.

Wednesday 3rd February

Lots of you have been exploring Purple Mash this week. There are so many activities to choose from. If you haven’t logged on yet, why not have a go?

Thank you, mums and dads, for all of your emails. We love to receive them and find out what the children have been learning. There is only a week and a half until February half term. Nearly there!


CR – Found out scooters were first made 105 years ago. He can also place toys in chronological order.

DB- Has been busy reading, practising his spellings and completing his maths learning.

CC – Has been finding out about transport past and present. He has also been busy playing with his train set.

DW – Has been perfecting her yo-yoing skills as well as enjoying using Purple Mash.

ES – Has been working hard, learning her spellings and is doing well with her reading.

RH – Has been finding out about toys from the past, learning how to order toys in chronological order.

LW – Enjoyed code breaking, completing the online quizzes and writing around the story 'Tiddalik'.

ER – completed the graph work, enjoyed reading his non-fiction book and baked a cake for a relative.

He has written a fantastic story too. Great job.

LC – Enjoyed taking part in some drama work and interpreting tally charts. Impressive reading too. Fantastic!

EC – Had lots of creative ideas to use in her story and had lots of fun acting the story out.  She liked listening to a Horrid Henry story too.

JP – Enjoyed reading the ‘Tiddalik’ story. He created a newspaper page of his favourite part. Take a look at his pictograph created using his wooden trains. Brilliant idea!

RB – Loved the balloons. He has enjoyed finding out about the different music and toys people used to listen to/play with. He has been having fun on Just dance too.

MB – Lovely to hear you are enjoying the outdoors. She has been busy baking cookies and exploring Purple Mash activities, especially the maths games.

AM – Found out what his Nanny’s favourite music was. He has been making bird feeders and using Purple Mash to help him learn his spellings. Another busy week of learning!

GW- Face timed her Nanny to ask about the toys she played with when she was little. She has taken some fantastic photos with her camera too.

WM – Enjoyed observing the animals on the Edinburgh Zoo website. She couldn’t spot the tiger but she spotted the panda, busy eating bamboo.

IH – Lots of phonics learning completed and super addition work. IH counted carefully using the bead string.

ET – Liked making a stress toy. She has been working hard; making 10 to help her add, completing her spellings, phonics and much more.

MBr – Has found out what her grandparents used to play with when they were little. She is another member of the class who has been exploring Purple Mash.

GF- Is super proud of his letter formation. Keep up the fantastic work.

Thank you to the PSA for the lovely box of goodies. We all loved them. The extra pair of socks are very welcome. The classrooms are chilly!

Friday 29th January

Please find the plans for learning at home from Monday 1st February below. Like last week, your Wednesday book pack delivery included some additional resources linked to the history work which is again a focus for next week. Remember also, that last week we sent out (electronically) the Tiddalik unit of work if you find that easier to use or want a break from the Oak National Academy English lessons. The pack includes enough work for at least two weeks so please take your time if you choose to use this.

There is absolutely no expectation that either of these additional packs are used – we offer them as alternative options if they will make ‘home schooling’ more manageable for you. We are aware that some of the Oak National Academy lessons can be quite challenging and take time to complete, so please feel free to choose the most engaging tasks from the lessons for your child if you find this, remembering that the national expectation is that children complete 3 hours of work each day.

We really appreciate your support in these challenging times and know that you are doing your utmost to support your children – take care and thank you.

Friday 29th January

Next week, 1st to 7th February, is Children's Mental Health Week. 

     'Life is a giant puzzle. Every day we need to piece together all of the things that help to make us smile.'

You might like to try the challenge below.

Friday 29th January

We are so proud of the children in Oak class – and of their parents too! The children are working hard with their learning and parents have been supporting brilliantly and sending us lots of photos of their work. This week, we have already seen some great history work along with the super English, maths, spelling, reading and number bond work that is continuing week by week. It is interesting to read what the children are writing in their learning journals each day. Don’t forget to send this week’s work and learning journal in by the end of the weekend.

Here is a taster of this week so far….

ET has been a superstar again with her learning this week. We love the photo of her concentrating on her reading!

CC has been working hard on the –er sound and has done a great job finding all the numbers that you land on when you count in 5s from zero. He has also written a super description of Tiddalik the frog. Well done!

DB has been creating super story maps and has written an amazing story. Have a read. Maybe he will be a famous author in future!

GF has completed lots of different learning activities this week. He has loved listening to different types of music – from rock to classical! He is planning to write a story next week.

Thursday 28th January

We hope that you have found the surprise in your work/book packs which we delivered yesterday. GW has!


Monday 25th January

We are coming to the end of the month. I wonder if you know which month comes next? Perhaps you could draw a picture for each month of the year. Do you know any songs that help you remember the order of the months?


Thank you, once again, to the parents for supporting your children with the home schooling. We have seen some fantastic pieces of work. We are so proud of the children. Not only are they completing the online learning, but also using their time at home to support their communities by doing litter picks, helping younger siblings to learn to share, looking after pets and much more. You are super stars!


Here is what Oak class have done so far.


RH – Has chosen to use little characters to make her maths learning even more fun. Super work. Can you spot her bug hotel hiding under the leaves?

ER- His handwriting is improving, keep practising the joins. Well done for persevering with your story writing too.

CR – Has been practising his cutting skills and has made some brilliant paper animals.

JP- Enjoyed the DT project. He has also been busy creating his own dice game to help him learn his times tables. We can’t wait to hear all about his story too.

EC/LC- After reading the ‘Litter Queen’, they have been on a litter pick.

MB- Loves reading her books. She has enjoyed playing Jungle Bingo with her Daddy. I wonder who won?

AM – Has been a super helpful brother. He has also learnt about halving numbers.

GF – Has practiced his spellings and liked creating the paper animals.

TS – Can tell us about food chains, continues to find out about number bonds for 7 and was also able to show us some super cutting skills in DT.

RB – Is really proud of his story. He has also applied his knowledge of habitats to create his own rainforest.

GW – Kite flying, crafting, trampolining. What a busy week! Super maths and spelling work completed too.

LW – Is using arrays to support her understanding of times tables. Well done. We enjoyed reading your fantastic descriptions and seeing your paper animal creations.

DW – Is learning to tell the time. A really useful skill to master. She is also determined to improve her handwriting. Keep up the brilliant work.

MBr- Has finished her topic on habitats, has been learning about the past tense and the ‘ow’ sound in phonics.

ES – Has had another busy week. She has had plenty of fun outside. In maths, she has been using the part/part/whole method to add and subtract.

Friday 22nd January

Please find the plans for learning at home from Monday 25th January below. Your Wednesday book pack delivery included some additional resources linked to the history work. However, please don’t feel that you need to complete both the Oak academy history work and the extra resource ideas – they are just an alternative option for you if some paper resources would be easier for you.

We have also added below an alternative English pack of resources, if you require this, based on the story of Tiddalik the frog. The pack includes enough work for at least two weeks so please take your time if you choose to use this. There is absolutely no expectation that this pack is used – it is there as an alternative option if that will make ‘home schooling’ more manageable for you.

We understand the many challenges that supporting your child’s learning at home brings and really appreciate your support in these difficult times. Thank you

Friday 22nd January

Another week is finished! We’ve already seen some examples of super learning and are looking forward to seeing photos of everyone’s learning journals and some examples of their work on Monday. Have a look below at some work that has already been sent in. Well done everyone!

So far...

ET has had a busy week working hard and has shared some super work. She has even had time to make pizza, grating cheese really carefully.

CC has shared lots of spelling and sentence writing work. He’s remembering his capital letters and full stops and has been using exclamation marks and question marks. Well done!

GF has had another amazing week, especially learning his 2x, 5x and 10x tables. He has written a story and LOVED all of the DT cutting, folding and sticking activities.

Thursday 21st January

It was lovely to see lots of people at our ‘google meet’ this afternoon and to see the super work that you have been doing – well done everyone. As you finish this week’s learning tomorrow, don’t forget to send us a photo of your learning journal and a couple of pictures of work by Monday morning. Also, the next class meet is on Tuesday 26th January. Take care everyone!

So far this week……..

KP and MP have been working hard at home reading every day and doing the English and maths lessons. Well done!

DB has been working hard at all the activities and as he really enjoyed the habitats work he has made a 3D model of a Brazilian rainforest. Wow!

CC has been working really hard at his spelling and has been trying hard to learn to spell the days of the week. He has also been busy following instructions, cutting, folding and colouring carefully. Lots of reading and maths learning has been completed too – great work!

Tuesday 19th January

Here are a few more things Oak class have been doing.

RH- Has loved reading her books this week. She is also keeping up with her learning journal and completing the maths lessons. Keep up the great work.

AM – Is enjoying home schooling. He loved playing in the snow at the weekend. He has been learning about the ‘ow’ sound in phonics and continues to work through the number bonds.

WM – Has enjoyed some face painting. She has completed a word search and remembered to visit the topmarks website and have a go at some of the activities on there. Well done.

Monday 18th January


We hope you all enjoyed playing in the snow at the weekend. We have seen some fantastic snowmen creations.

Thank you for all the fantastic work you have been doing at home. You have been so busy.

It is lovely to hear that you are enjoying your learning and we are so pleased you are managing to spend time with your family - walking, baking and playing. Here are some examples of your work.

MB-Has enjoyed the spelling and phonics work. She has also been cooking and playing in the snow.

DW-Has also been working hard. She has been baking bread too. The highlight of her week was the snow!

CR- Has written his very own story called ‘The Magic Leaf’. He has also been using his spellings to write silly sentences.

MBr- Enjoyed making a bug hotel, finding out that scorpions can survive for a year without water and seeing some piglets on her daily walk.

ES- Has made the biggest snowman! Learning about habitats has been her favourite lessons of the week.

TS- Is learning to spell the numbers to twenty and has found out about habitats.

EK – Has used arrays to help her divide. She has also found out about living organisms that live in rainforests and deserts.

ER- Has enjoyed walking, completing his maths work and building a bug hotel over the weekend.

LW- Spent some time baking with her family as well as completing all her work – lovely handwriting.

HM- Created a lovely ‘Save our Green Spaces’ poster, completed his learning journal and enjoyed the word search. Well done.

RB- Enjoyed building a snowman, completing the online maths work and finding out that camels can close their nostrils to prevent sand getting up their noses!

JP – Had his first Skype violin lesson and it went really well. He has also enjoyed learning about habitats and dividing numbers in different ways.

LS- Has been working really hard, completing lots of work. He has been painting too.

EC and LC- There were some super snowman creations. They have been helping to cook the dinners too. I wonder what is on the menu tonight!

Friday 15th January

Please find the plans for home learning for next week, week beginning Monday 18th January below. Any additional resources needed were included in your packs delivered on Wednesday. Google meets for year 1 and year 2 will be on Thursday afternoon - invitations will be sent out. Thank you smiley

Friday 15th January

We’ve reached the end of the week and are absolutely delighted to hear how hard the children are working with their learning at home – also how well they are being supported by parents – thank you, we know that it isn’t easy to manage. If you haven’t already done so, please send a photograph of their learning journal for this week and a couple of pictures of their favourite or best pieces of work by Monday morning.

So far……

DB is working really hard and completing all the learning activities! Great work!

CC has shared some super work from lots of different lessons – his poster is really impressive.

ET has completed lots of work this week including some amazing reading comprehension work – wow!

GF has had an amazing week and even worked independently on his multiplication and division.

GW has worked really hard and even read some story books which she has linked to her learning. Well done!

Thursday 14th January

What a great start to learning at home. There are some super story maps, reading and spelling activities, some great maths work and the science experiments have been amazing! Well done. Below there are lots of photographs of your work from the first week. It is fantastic to see how hard everyone is working. We know that it is hard for you but keep trying to do the best that you can.  

JP is really enjoying the English and science work. He has drawn a super story map.

MB is enjoying her learning. She has been reading her books, learning lots about living and non-living things and even found time to make pancakes. We hope that they tasted yummy!

GW has been busy learning! She is working really hard with her maths and has even found time to make a winter snow globe.

HM has really enjoyed the science work, exploring habitats and also experimenting melting an ice cube.

MB has been working hard as well! She has completed lots of work. Well done for working out all the number bonds for this week’s number.

DB’s work shows how hard he is working at his writing and spelling. He has made an amazing bug hotel. Well done!

GF has produced some super winter writing and a story map for the Coyote story. He has also drawn lots of arrays for his multiplication work.

CC has been working hard on his maths lessons – getting the exit quiz questions correct. Great work!

DW has been working hard and completed lots of extra activities, including races in the garden! She has also been working on her phonics sheets and reading her books.

RB loved writing his winter poem and has really enjoyed the science activities. He has also enjoyed helping his sister with her home learning!

EC and LC have been working together completing the Coyote story learning activities. They also got started on a reading comprehension immediately their packs were delivered. Wow!

ER has been working really hard and is trying hard to join his handwriting.

EK has been working hard with her learning.

ET has completed all her learning activities and sent in some photographs of super maths work and a great story map.

LS has completed some great work in English linked to the Coyote story – well done!

ES has been working really hard on the science activities, exploring melting and making her bug hotel.

RH has especially enjoyed exploring habitats but she is practising her handwriting too.

WM has ordered lots of numbers that she has found at home! She has also shared some super work linked to the Coyote story.

AM is working hard with his learning activities and has tried really hard with his handwriting in his learning journal.

TS has completed some fabulous number work – well done!

Friday 8th January

What a lot has changed this week! We hope that you have been able to enjoy your first week learning at home again – we know that it is difficult to get going, especially straight after the holidays. We have already seen some super work. ET, CR, CC and LW have shared some of their work below. If you haven’t already, please send a copy of your learning journal and a couple of examples of your work from this week. Thank you!

Tuesday 5th January 2021

Happy New Year! How things have changed! We are really disappointed not to be working directly with the children this half term. However, we understand the need for us all to be safe and hope that you keep safe and well. We look forward to returning to more normal times and seeing the children’s smiling faces.


Please find the home learning plan from Thursday 6th January through to Friday 15th January 2021 below.

For each day, there are a selection of activities. Many of these are lessons which can be accessed on the Oak National Academy website. We have aimed to list the steps that you need to navigate to these lessons. Some of the other activities will require worksheets which will be delivered to your home on Wednesday 6th January, along with some school reading books and a learning journal.

To help us to support you with reading books, please put your child’s pack of reading books outside your front door by 12 noon every Wednesday and we will do our utmost to pick them up and drop off new books in a covid secure manner.

For more information, please refer to Mrs Friar’s letter or contact school.