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Creeting St Mary CEVAP School

Anything is Possible

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Creeting St Mary Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School

Creeting St Mary CEVAP School

Anything is Possible


Birch Class are making board games as part of their instructions unit in Literacy

Spellings: WB: 17th January


Membership                        Ownership                   Partnership              Dictatorship


Championship                       Craftsmanship            Fellowship                Apprenticeship


Citizenship                          Sponsorship

Birch Class medium term plan and timetable for Spring 1

Times tables test: Spring 1


Group A: 3's to 17's and imperial conversions

Group B: 3's to 13's and metric conversions

Group C: 3's to 11's and metric conversions

Group D: 4's and 8's

Spelling pattern: WB 5th January


Words where the suffix 'ity' is added.


Possibility                        Ability                             Eternity                  Community


Captivity                           Curiosity                         Visibility                 Activity


Sensitivity                       Flexibility                    

Happy Christmas to all the pupils, parents and adults working in Birch Class. I hope you all have a magical time with your families and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year. 

Thank you for all of the presents I received, they are greatly appreciated. 

Birch Class enjoyed their Diwali dance enrichment session

Today we have investigated the best material for thermal insulation

Birch Class have been finding the properties of materials in science

Oak Class came to see and play with our marble runs. Thank you Birch - you were amazing!

The marble runs are complete

The marble runs are progressing well

Birch Class have started their marble run DT project

Spelling pattern: WB: 29th November


Hemisphere                     Atmosphere                          Interfere              Sincere


Severe                             Persevere                              Mere                    Adhere


Sphere                            Austere

Year 5 used Cuisenaire rods to help them learn about prime numbers.

Spelling pattern: WB 22nd November


Upstairs                               Downstairs                        Inside                 Outside


Underneath                          Behind                               Everywhere         Nowhere


Somewhere                          Nearby

Spelling pattern: WB 15th November


Yesterday                      Tomorrow                             Later                     Immediately


Earlier                            Eventually                            Recently               Previously


Finally                            Lately

Spelling pattern:WB 8th November


This weeks spelling pattern is words containing ‘ough’


Plough.                  Bough.            Drought.          Brought.           Bought


Wrought.               Thought.          Ought.             Borough.          Thorough

Times tables tests in Autumn 2


This half term we will be adding measurement conversions to the times tables tests. These are the conversions that you will need to learn. 


Group A:  5 miles = 8 kilometres                        1 inch = 2.5 cm


Group B/C/D: 1 cm = 10 mm                    1 metre = 100 cm               


1 kilometre = 1000 metres                      1 kilogram = 1000 grams


1 lire = 1000 millilitres                

Spelling words: WB 2nd November

Words containing 'ough' letter pattern.


Rough                                    Dough                          Tough                           Trough


Enough                                   Through                      Though                         Although


Doughnut                               Cough

End of the first half term


We are just finishing the first half term in school and I just wanted to say a big well done to every pupil in class. We had a difficult start but everybody has now settled into routine and there has been some great work produced. 

The children enjoyed learning about volcanoes and earthquakes, forces and positive and negative drawing. They have learnt the fundamental skills in maths and wrote great stories about Sherlock Holmes. The year 6's have also completed their bikeability course and we have competed in two sports events.!

I think we all deserve a good rest over half term before we learn about lots of new topics including Vikings in history and making marble runs in DT. There will be no homework over half term. You can still practice your tables on rockstars and the spelling words are on this page. 


Have a great break and see you soon. 


Mr Palmer 

In art today we learnt about the differences between negative and positive drawing.

Pictures in the style of Hunterwasser


This week we will be going over all of the patterns from the last six weeks. We will be taking part in dictation activities to see what the children have remembered. 

Birch Class are enjoying their Literacy unit about Sherlock Holmes.Today they acted out police interviews with the suspects.

Well done to the tag rugby team for a great effort in the festival.They won 2 games and lost 2 games.

Spelling pattern week beginning 11th October


Farther                        Father                        Guessed               Guest


Heard                           Herd                           Led                     Lead


Mourning                      Morning

Birch Class celebrated the school’s 150th anniversary by having a Victorian day.

Spelling pattern wb 4th October


This week's pattern is words that are homophones.


Past                       Passed                      Proceed                        Precede


Aisle                      Isle                          Aloud                            Allowed


Affect                   Effect


Birch class were measuring mass and weight in science today.

Spelling pattern week beginning 27th September


Apply               Hyphen              Identify              Occupy               Multiply


Rhyme              Cycle                 Python                 Hygiene               Supply


Spelling pattern: Week beginning 20th September


Words with the short vowel sound /i/ spelt with y


Symbol                        Physical                      Mystery                     Symbol 


Lyrics                           Typical                        Oxygen                      Crystal


Symptom                     Rhythm 



Upcoming sports events

22nd September: Cross country after school at Stowmarket High School

11th October: Tag Rugby after school at Stowmarket rugby club

20th October: Girls football after school at Stowmarket High School

17th November: Boys football during school day at Stowmarket High School

9th December: Dodgeball after school at Stowmarket Leisure Centre


Spelling pattern for wb 6th September

Words with 'cious' ending


Vicious            Gracious            Spacious           Malicious          Precious


Conscious         Delicious           Suspicious        Atrocious        Ferocious          

Hello everybody,


I hope that you all had a great summer. The classroom is ready and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. See you then. 


Mr Palmer

Birch Class Summer holiday homework week 1


Maths: Complete the worded addition and subtraction worksheet to practise your methods. New year 5 complete either the one star or two star sheet. New year 6 complete the two star or three star sheet. 


Reading: Complete the comprehension sheet based on the Olympic games. New year 5 complete the one star or two star sheet. New year 6 complete either the two star or three star sheet. 


Writing: Use what you have read from the comprehension sheet and  carry out further research into the Olympic games. Then create an non chronological report about the Olympics based on this. You can read about how to write a non chronological report at 


Mr Palmer

Summer holiday homework week 2


Maths: Complete one of the worksheets provided based on long multiplication. Level 1 is the easiest sheet for those less confident and level 3 is harder for those who like a challenge.


Reading: Complete the comprehension sheet provided based on the NHS. New year 5 complete either the one star or two star sheet. New year 6 complete the 2 star or 3 star sheet. 


Writing: Write a story using the title ' The day everything disappeared'. Try to be as creative as possible and add in the grammar skills you have been taught in year 4 and 5. Year 5, can you add some sentences in the passive form? 


Mr Palmer

Birch Class Summer holiday homework week 3


Maths: For this week, we will practise the written method for division (bus stop). Year 5 complete either or both of the mild or medium questions. Year 6 complete either or both of the medium or hot questions. 


Reading: Complete the reading comprehension sheet based on rainforests. 


Writing: Look at the image below. Write a NON - FICTION piece based on the image. For example a newspaper report, instructions or non-chronological report. 





Birch Class Summer holiday homework week 4


Maths: This week we will practise all four of our methods through different word problems. Year 5 complete either level 1 or level 2. Year 6 complete either level 2 or level 3. 


Reading: Complete the comprehension sheet based on poetry. 


Writing: Write a script for the first two scenes of a play called 'The summer of 2021'. Remember to use stage directions to develop your script. Watch the video at to help you.