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Creeting St Mary CEVAP School

Anything is Possible

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Creeting St Mary Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School

Creeting St Mary CEVAP School

Anything is Possible


Welcome to Birch Class 2022/2023

Spellings: WB 26th September


Statement                      Equipment                         Government             Document


Replacement                   Parliament                         Environment            Movement



Poetry challenge

If you are feeling creative and like a challenge, why not take part in this poetry challenge. I would love to see your poems when they are written.


Birch Class have been paying their tributes to the Queen

Birch Class have been learning about how exercise affects heart rate in science.

Times tables groups


This week, we will be starting our weekly times tables tests. Your child has been told which group they are in and have recorded it in their diaries. These are the questions that they will be tested on. 

Group 1: 3's to 16's and inverses. 

Group 2: 3's to 13's and inverses.

Group 3: 3's to 12's and inverses.

Group 4: 3's and 4's.

Spellings: Week beginning 12th September

Wrestle                            Wrapper                           Castle                          Aisle


Debris                             Yacht                                  Guilty                         Guarantee


Mortgage                        Island


The classroom is all ready. We look forward to seeing on on Monday

Spellings: WB 5th September


Doubt                      Lamb                            Debt                            Thumb


Solemn                     Autumn                        Column                        Knight


Knuckle                   Knot