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Creeting St Mary CEVAP School

Anything is Possible (Mark 9 v 23)

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Creeting St Mary Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School

Creeting St Mary CEVAP School

Anything is Possible (Mark 9 v 23)


Times tables results

Well done to Isla, Harry H and Connie for scoring 100% on all of their times tables tests in Summer 1. 

Birch Class medium term plan Summer 2

Birch Class made some brilliant phone cases in DT

Birch Class produced some amazing artwork based on drawing plants using different media

Birch Class enjoyed their cricket enrichment day organised by the ECB

SUMMER 1 PLANS: Please see the medium term plan attached. This half term will be very busy including SATs week and making phone cases in DT. Please note PE will be on Mondays and Thursdays.

P and I performed an amazing rock and roll dance in PE

Still image for this video

Birch Class enjoyed the different activities during their values morning

Birch Class decorated paper plates to represent the crucifixion scene

Some of the pupils in Birch Class acted out the signs from their Walk Through The Bible RE sessions in celebration assembly

Birch Class enjoyed their science engineering day

Birch Class have been investigating refraction in Science

Birch Class medium term plan and weekly plan for Spring 2

Birch Class have been making a physical mind map of their ideas.Tomorrow they will organise their ideas in computing using 2connect.

The finished collages

Birch Class have been making collages based on the work of Dale Devereux Barker.

Birch Class enjoyed their trip to Pipers Vale Gymnastics Centre.

Birch Class medium term plan for Spring 1

Spellings wb 2nd January

Referring                       Referred                               Referral                  Reference


Referee                          Preferring                            Preferred                Preference


Transferring                 Transference


Birch Class enjoyed their Christmas party with games,music,dancing and food,

Birch Clarinet performance part 1

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Merry Christmas everyone

Birch Class made fruit or vegetable turnovers after learning about rationing in DT

Birch Class had a lesson based on Anti bullying week.They thought about who they could reach out to if they needed to.

Birch class enjoyed visiting the Martlesham Heath World War II museum

More pictures from the museum

Birch Class News Autumn 2

TT Rockstars


Don't forget the TT Rockstars competition this week. Starting on Monday at 9am until Friday at 3pm. Who will win, year 5 or year 6?? 

Spelling: WB 31st October


Forty                        Scorch                      Absorb               Decorate            Afford


Enormous                   Category                  Tornado           According           Opportunity



Times tables groups Autumn 2

Group A: 3s to 17s and imperial conversions

Group B: 3s to 13s and metric conversions

Group C: 3s to 12s and metric conversions

Group D: 3s and 4s

Measurement conversions for tables test


8 km = 5 miles

4.5 litres = 1 gallon

1cm = 2.5 inches



1cm = 10mm

1 metre = 100cm

1km = 1000 metres

1 litre = 1000 millilitres

1 kg = 1000 grams

Well done to the girls football team.They finished joint 1st out of 12 teams.Great teamwork and lots of fun.Well done!!

Oakerwood - Nature walk, bat watching and last night campfire

Den Building - Oakerwood

Crate stacking - Oakerwood

Target practice

Early Morning Rounders at Oakerwood

Paintballing at Oakerwood

Some photos from Oakerwood and today's pizza making!

Birch have settled in well at Oakerwood and enjoyed some fun activities after a long journey. They are asleep at 9.30.

Birch Class enjoyed their archery enrichment session

Welcome to Birch Class 2022/2023

Spellings: WB 26th September


Statement                      Equipment                         Government             Document


Replacement                   Parliament                         Environment            Movement



Poetry challenge

If you are feeling creative and like a challenge, why not take part in this poetry challenge. I would love to see your poems when they are written.


Birch Class have been paying their tributes to the Queen

Birch Class have been learning about how exercise affects heart rate in science.

Times tables groups


This week, we will be starting our weekly times tables tests. Your child has been told which group they are in and have recorded it in their diaries. These are the questions that they will be tested on. 

Group 1: 3's to 16's and inverses. 

Group 2: 3's to 13's and inverses.

Group 3: 3's to 12's and inverses.

Group 4: 3's and 4's.

Spellings: Week beginning 12th September

Wrestle                            Wrapper                           Castle                          Aisle


Debris                             Yacht                                  Guilty                         Guarantee


Mortgage                        Island


The classroom is all ready. We look forward to seeing on on Monday

Spellings: WB 5th September


Doubt                      Lamb                            Debt                            Thumb


Solemn                     Autumn                        Column                        Knight


Knuckle                   Knot