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Creeting St Mary CEVAP School

Anything is Possible

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Creeting St Mary Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School

Creeting St Mary CEVAP School

Anything is Possible


Welcome to Ash Class


Spring Term 2022

Please find below the Ash Class Newsletter for this term.

Autumn Term 2021

Please find below the Ash class newsletter for this term.

16/12/2021 We had Christmas lunch and then our class party.

15/12/2021 We had a PE enrichment lesson and learnt Diwali dancing. We had lots of fun!

14/12/2021 We performed our Nativity to celebrate Christmas.

Please find below a letter about Home Learning for Ash class for Thursday 9th December and also a phonics video to watch.

Introducing ‘h’

Still image for this video

Wednesday 8/12/21 Please find below a letter about Home Learning for Ash Class while school is closed today due to boiler failure.

6/12/2021 Christmas has arrived in Ash Class!

2/12/2021 We felt the ice and watched it melt.

26/11/2021 We learnt to use the bee bots

25/11/2021 We learnt about Polar Bears

17/11/2021. Anti Bullying Week. Elmer the Elephant is the official partner of Friendship Friday. We read Elmer then talked about being kind to everyone. Then we made our own Elmers.

11/11/2021 Lest we forget.

5/11/2021 Firework pictures

3/11/2021 We dressed up!

22/10/2021 We had a PE enrichment lesson and learnt to fence!

18/10/2021 We are learning to spread and cut in order to make sandwiches.

We have been finding out all about the number 4.

4/10/2021 We dressed up as Victorian children to celebrate our school's 150th birthday.

30/9/2021 We learnt how to brush our teeth using a giant set of teeth!

27/9/2021 We cut fruit up and made fruit kebabs.

22/9/2021 We made jelly and jellyfish!

21/9/2021 We made dough.

6/9/2021 We are settling in really well.

Reading ‘h’ words

Still image for this video

Summer Term 2021

16/7/2021 We had great fun at the sleepover.

16/7/2021 The sun shone for a lovely day at the beach. We were complemented twice on the children’s behaviour, how beautifully they played together and how well they were looked after. Well done everyone you were a joy to take out.

14/7/2021 Look at our potato harvest.

7/7/2021 Sports day fun. We can run really fast and between the lines!

5/7/2021 Ice creams from the PSA Fayre - thank you very much to the PSA - we had lots of fun and the ice cream was yummy!

28/6/2021 Our café is open. What would you like to eat and drink?

23/6/2021 Today we did outdoor adventurous activities. It was brilliant fun!

15/6/2021 Enjoying the heat!

14/6/2021 We made egg heads!

7/6/2021 Our seaside role play area before the children get their hands on it!

9/6/2021 Using magnifying glasses outside. What did you find?

27/5/2021 We planted sunflowers. How tall will they grow?

25/5/2021 We painted and glazed our clay tiles.

18/5/2021 We had a visit from some baby chicks. They were very cute!

17/5/2021 Starting to make a clay tile. We rolled the clay then made marks in it.

14/5/2021 We have been working in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.

29/4/2021 We are learning to ride scooters in PE. We are really enjoying ourselves!

29/4/2021 Bubbles!

21/4/2021 We took part in a musical theatre session. It was lots of fun!

20/4/2021 We made puppets.

16/4/2021 Free play this lovely Friday afternoon.

14/4/2021 We have been painting.

Spring Term 2021

26/3/2021 We made an Easter Garden.

24/3/2021 Easter baskets

23/3/2021 A sea of golden daffodils.

19/3/2021 Today we learnt all about the sports they did at the Ancient Olympics.

11/3/2021 Here are the potato characters we made to celebrate World Book Day.

10/3/2021 Chitting potatoes.

8/3/2021 Clay work.

8/3/2021 It's great to be back!

5/3/2021 IS has been busy with her numbers and pencil control.

4/3/2021 M-MJ has been busy with her numbers. Well done M-M.

3/3/2021 EP found a ‘sh’ sound on her vacuum cleaner. Great job E.

2/3/2021 M-MJ has been doing some lovely cutting and sticking.

1/3/2021 IR has been busy doing his own fridge sums and writing his own story. Great job I!

1/3/2021. AG has tried hard with his phonics and has been paddling in a stream. Was it cold A?

Please find below the Home Learning Plan for Ash Class for the week beginning 1st March. Nearly there!

24/2/2021 AA has been busy with her letters and numbers.

24/2/2021 Look at the fab number work EP has done. She has also made some giant ice marbles!

23/2/2021 IS has had fun in the garden.

22/2/2021 IR has been busy planting and making a giant train track. Great work I.

Please find below the Ash Class Home Learning plan for the week of the 22nd to the 26th of February

13/2/2021 AG has been working hard at writing his numbers and made an igloo in the snow.

12/2/2021 FB has done some super writing and made some yummy looking cakes.

12/2/2021 Look at the huge icicle IS found!

12/2/2021 NJ went for a walk to see the ducks. Do the ducks like the snow?

10/2/2021 EP and her dog Seb having fun in the snow.

9/2/2021 AA has been trying hard with her phonics. Great job A!

8/2/2021 IR has been playing with giant cards and making giant snowballs!

8/2/2021 AG has been making a parachute and a snowman. Great job A!

8/2/2021 CC has been snowboarding!

8/2/2021 ET made a snow angel in the snow yesterday. I hope you all enjoy the snow today. Have fun!

4/2/2021 Look AA has done her first horse jump. A you are flying too!

Please find below the Ash Class Home Learning Plan for the week of Monday 8th to Friday 12th February 2021.

3/2/2012 Look at the fab obstacle course IS has made. How quickly can you do it I?

3/2/2021 FB enjoyed the engineering video and was inspired to make a bread maker. I bet it makes delicious bread F.

3/2/2021 Wow CC can fly!

2/2/2021 EP has been playing in the puddles too. Looks fun E.

2/2/2021 Look at the huge puddle ET is in. I hope his boots don’t leak!

1/2/2021 SS has been working hard at her numbers. Well done S.

1/2/2021 Look at the lovely writing VJ has done. Fab job V!

1/2/2021 AG drew a wonderful fire engine. Great job A.

Please find below the Ash Class Home Learning Plan for the week 1st- 5th February.

29/1/2021 Great number work M-M.

29/1/2021 NJ has been enjoying Numberbocks.

28/1/2021 FB has been working really hard at his maths. Great job F!

27/1/2021 EP has drawn a lovely picture of her family. Great job E!

27/1/2021 AA has been busy working in the sand. Looks fun A!

27/1/21 Look at the lovely number work L-BA has been doing. Great effort L-B.

26/1/2021 IS has been playing in her shop. Was it fun I?

27/1/2021 Great cutting and sticking from CC. Which one would you like to be C?

26/1/2021 IR went on a litter pick. What a lovely thing to do I.

26/1/21 AG dressed up as a policeman. What fun A.

26/1/2021 Look at the lovely walk NJ went on. Was it cold N?

25/1/2021 L-BA has been doing careful writing. Well done L-B.

Please find below a letter to Parents/Carers about Ash Class Home Learning for the week of 25th-29th January 2021.

25/1/2021 Look at the great phonics ET has been doing. Well done E.

22/1/2021 EP has been doing great cutting and sticking with her numbers. Fab job E!

22/1/2021 NJ has worked hard with his numbers. Well done N.

22/1/2021 IR has been busy making his own snakes and ladders. Fab job I!

21/1/2021 NJ has been doing careful counting. Super work N.

20/1/2021. What great sentences from CC. Well done C.

19/1/2021. CC has been busy doing his phonics. Great job C.

19/1/2021. Look how hard VJ is concentrating. Wow V!

18/1/2021 Look at the great writing SS has done. Well done S.

18/1/2021 AG made a super story map. Fab work A!

18/1/2021 Look at ET joining in with Joe Wickes. Go for it Batman!

18/1/2021 Look at the fab snowman FB made. Great job F!

Week of 18th to 22nd January. Please find below Home Learning letter for this week.

13/1/2021. NJ has been making pizza. Yummy N!

12/1/21. AA has found a different way to practise her letters. Well done A.

12/1/2021. L-BA has being working hard at her letters and numbers. Well done L-B!

12/1/2021 CC has been working hard at his numbers. Great job C!

11/1/21. NJ has been working hard at his maths. Good boy N!

11/1/2021 Look at the fab Christmas Pudding AG has made!

11/1/2021. IS has done some lovely writing. Great job I!

Week beginning Monday 11/1/2021 - please find letter re home learning for this week below.

11/1/2021 FB has done some lovely writing. Well Done F.

11/1/2021 IR has been busy learning new words. Great job I!

11/1/2021 EP has been busy doing the phonics videos. Great Work E!

NJ has been very busy. Great job N.

ET is rightly very proud of his handwriting. Well done E!

11/1/2021 VJ has been doing yoga. Great job V!

Look at the lovely penguin SS has made. Great job S!

Look what AG has made. Great work A.

Great counting AA. You are concentrating so hard.

6/1/21 Please find below a letter about the next few days. Keep safe.

5/1/21 Please find below letter about Ash Class Home Learning for today. Keep Smiling!