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Creeting St Mary CEVAP School

Anything is Possible (Mark 9 v 23)

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Creeting St Mary Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School

Creeting St Mary CEVAP School

Anything is Possible (Mark 9 v 23)


Welcome to Ash Class


Spring Term 2024


Ash Class Summer Term Newsletter

26/3/24: We made a daffodil plant to say 'Happy Easter!' to our families.

20/3/24 - Wonderful Wednesday

19/3/24: Values Morning - 'Love'

15/03/24 - We enjoyed P.E. Enrichment today, which involved Orienteering. We worked in pairs to find and collect all the cones. Then we played a statue game.

11/3/24: Mother's Day Activities and Easter preparations

5.3.24 - Having fun with a Puppet show

1/3/24 - Ash class have had another busy week of playing and learning together!

26/02/24: We have made clay thumb pots

26/02/24: Playing and learning together.

12/2/24: We have made and painted clay tiles this week.

14/2/24: Pancake Day Fun!

13/2/24 Having fun while we learn in Ash class this week .

Last week we had fun learning about Chinese New Year

2/2/24 - Having fun - ipads, bikes and building together!

1/2/24 - We have been weighing items from the classroom. We have been using these words: Heavy, heavier, light, lighter and balance

On 30/1/24 we had a P.E. enrichment day and enjoyed a session of Disco Dancing.

29/1/24 - We have been making clay tiles and decorating them with a variety of items.

25/1/24 - We made cube towers and described them with these words - tall, taller, short, shorter.

23/1/24 - We have been comparing old Teddy bears and new Teddy bears. Here is the Teddy collage we made!

We have been making repeating patterns!

16/1/2024 - We have finished our puppets!

9/1/24 - We have begun making puppets!

8/1/24 We are having fun playing in our Creeting Toy Shop.

Autumn Term 2023

Please find the Autumn Term 2023 Ash Class Newsletter below.

20/12/2023 Party Time!

15/12/2023 Today was Fun Day Friday

13/12/2023 Yummy Christmas Lunch

12/12/2023 Making crowns for our Christmas dinner

12/12/2023 Using pine cones to make Christmas decorations.

11/12/2023 Getting ready for our Nativity.

7/11/2023 Learning about ice.

4/12/2023 Christmas has arrived in Ash Class!

1/12/2023 Programming the Beebots.

30/11/2023 We have been learning about Polar Bears.

29/11/2023 Look at some of the things we have been doing.

21/11/2023 We are working very hard at our sewing.

17/11/2023 We had PE enrichment - Ice Hockey.

13/11/2023 We went on a bus ride!

10/11/2023 Lest we forget.

9/11/2023 We made different length snakes. Long, longer, longest. Short, shorter, shortest.

8/11/2023 We had fun dressing up.

7/11/2023 We copied patterns of different size, colour and shape beads.

1/11/2023 Look how long our magnetic stick snake is.

1/11/2023 Playing with Autumn leaves.

20/10/2023 Today was 'Be Bright Be Seen Day'.

19/10/2023 We have been learning about Autumn. We used leaves to make pictures of hedgehogs.

16/10/2023 We have been practising our fine motor skills using the tap tap.

11/10/2023 Reading a story to some toys.

11/10/2023 We have been learning about the story of The Three Little Pigs. We used puppets to act it out.

9/10/2023 Looking at picture books.

6/10/2023 We went to church for Harvest Festival. This is the harvest picture we made to take with us.

4/10/2023 We learnt about cleaning our teeth and practised on a giant set of teeth!

3/10/2023 Making different patterns of 4.

29/09/2023 We learnt how to wash our hands properly.

24/06/2023 Today we had a Teddy Bears' Picnic with Barking Pre-School.

22/09/2023 We enjoyed our PE enrichment - American Football.

20/09/2023 Look at us climb!

14/09/2023 We made dough then played with it.

12/09/2023 The Ducks want to come to school too!

8/09/2023 We are settling in well.