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Creeting St Mary CEVAP School

Anything is Possible


Chestnut Class

Years 3 and 4

We are taught by Miss Cutts and have Mrs Lockwood and Miss Banthorpe to support us in our learning.


JULY and AUGUST 2021
Chestnut Class Homework for the Summer Holidays


We hope you all have a wonderful summer holiday. We have set the following homework for the new Chestnut Class to do (current year 2s and 3s). There are four maths and four writing activities to do over four weeks. Please record everything you do - we will collect it in on the first day of the new term.

We also highly recommend doing the Reading Challenge at Needham Market Library! There are also some Reading Comprehension challenges after the Maths Challenges.



Have a look at the picture below.


1. THE SETTING - Can you write a paragraph to describe it? What can you see? Describe the colours. Which country do you think it might be?


2. THE CHARACTERS - Who are the figures in the picture? How did they get there? What are they doing and why are they there? What might they be saying to each other?




Watch this video:


Have a go at bullet point 5 and write a short conversation between the shoemaker and his shoes...


Current Year 3s must remember to use speech marks (also called inverted commas) at the start and end of speech. See if you can also use...


* A new line when its a new speaker

* All speech starts with a capital letter.

* When the character finishes speaking, you must use either a comma, question mark or exclamation mark with the speech marks.



Watch this video:


Can you describe the giraffes in detail? 

Can you describe what they do?



Watch this video:

Imagine you find a mysterious object at the beach and it transports you into a fantasy world. Where would you go and what would it be like there?



Create a really long number line! What number can you get to? Keep working on it all week and adding more to it every day if you can.

Year 2 - Can you go up to 3 digit numbers?

Year 3 - In September, you will be learning about negative numbers. Can you use these on your number line? There's more information here:



Build a tower of objects from your home. How tall can you make the tower? Will it balance without anyone holding it? Use a ruler or tape measure to measure the height of the tower then of the individual objects. We're looking forward to seeing who gets the tallest tower!

Year 2 - use centimetres (cm)

Year 3 - use centimetres and millimetres (mm)



Create a colourful poster about different shapes. You can do a poster about 2D shapes, 3D shapes - or both! Which shapes can you draw? Which shapes can you name? Here's a great example.

If you are able to use an electronic device, you may want to create your poster on there.

Year 3 - Try to describe the features of each shape too: faces, edges, vertices.



Times Tables on


Year 2 - Mrs Few tells us that you can count in 2s, 5s and 10s. The next step is for you to learn how to answer times tables questions using these numbers. We will teach you this in September but for now, have a go at the games on Maths Frame.

Click on Most Popular Free Maths Games and then any of the Multiplication or Times Table challenges. Tommy's Trek is a favourite of the current Chestnut class!


Year 3 - Your challenge in September will be to start to be able to answer any Times Table questions for any of the Times Tables (up to 12x) - you can do it! Have a practise on the Maths Frame games until you get really good! Can you increase your score on the Multiplication Check?


Reading Challenges

Each Challenge has a 1 star, 2 star or 3 star level of challenge - which one do you think you can have a go at?

No need to print unless you're able to - just write your answers on a piece of paper.


JULY 2021: A really interesting morning with Mrs Rollo talking to us about being a scientist.

18.05.2021 Today we have been doing some Mono Printing

Apostrophe work

Chestnut class creating their own games - Luca was the winner!

7/5/2021 Today we looked closely at flowers and drew pictures of the parts of a flower.

Mrs Pawsey-Fuller has been busy making a time capsule for our school. We've sent some suggestions out to you for items to go in it - you may also want to write this letter to yourself...

Once again Chestnut you have ALL done amazing work ,well done.


HL - Good information on the Alps and their weather.

DC - Q and A on the Alps love the tourist paragliding.

CM - Facts about the Ibex ,work on area and angles.

JW - Great den .

PH - Made a brilliant fort.

HH - Working hard on adjectives ,area and animals in the Alps.

HI - Fab research on the Alps.

KJ - Good work on unit and non unit fractions.

IW - Q and A on mountains great times tables.

JT - Good work on phonics.

HP - Well done on making animals to go on the mountain.

LSC - Beautiful picture of the BFG and the story.

AH - Counting squares , well done.

OR - Great work on the BFG .

PK - Lovely poster on the Alps and those gingerbread men look yummy .

DR - Some good research on animals that live in the Alps.

We love this One Piece at a Time activity.
Inspired by Children's Mental Health Week during 1st- 7th February


"Life is a giant puzzle. Every day we need to piece together all of the things that help to make us smile"

Chestnut you are amazing ,all of you are superheroessmileyyes

Well done everyone


PK - Lovely picture of arrow angle.

AH - Great angle chart .

HP - 3 course meal with fish cakes and making a mountain using papier mache. Brilliant.

BR - Recipe for s'mores ,lovely idea of 5 wishes.

IW - Has been busy flying kites.

LB- Good work on mountains and angles.

CM- Mountain facts .

OR- Lovely poster on mountains and Mt Everest.

LSC- Great bubble writing and the milkshake looks yummy.

HL - Good work on quadrilaterals and facts about bananas.

KJ -Sonic story and pictures ,work on angles , well done.

HH- Well done for your work on angles.

GI-Interesting mountain facts.

PH- Lovely poster quadrilaterals /hands.

JW-Beautiful picture of the school and mountain facts.

DC-Been busy ,picture of Ben Nevis ,right angles, earths core and your horse story well done.

IAP-Lovely chocolate mousse mmm! love the work with clay.








5 a Day- try either the Bronze (Y3) or Silver (Y4) challenges. There's a new challenge every day - let us know your scores!yes



You could read either...

The Story of Tracy Beaker by Dame Jacqueline Wilson OR

Listen to or read The Girl who Stole an Elephant! by Nizrana Farook


Both are available here for free -


Another week of great work from Chestnut

Well done you are all AMAZING 


DR -Super puppet show.

AH -Good work on minutes and seconds.

KJ - Verb man looks really good so does the analogue time.

Br - Well done on the converting time work sheet.

OR - Brilliant squiggle art.

IAP - Super poster on light.

JW - Fab work on time.

HP - Fantastic times tables sheet.

LSC - Telling time and lovely picture well done.

HL - Well done on the word problems.

LB - Chocolate process brilliant.

CM - Super muffins .

ZA - Great work on time.

If you’re unable to access the internet at home then CBBC are hosting lessons with celebrity supply teachers. More info for parents here.
Look at our fantastic Home Learning during Week 1smiley

Wow, what super work you all have all been doing.

JW What a wonderful puppet show.

LB  The dinosaurs look much bigger in the shadows - what a clever investigation!

EJ - Super maths and science. 10/10 - an amazing score!

HH - great work with maths and science. Brilliant!

LSC - brilliant maths and literacy, what a star!

DR - great work with literacy and maths. Fantastic!

OR - wonderful Science, well done!

NS - great investigating in Science! 

CM has made a brilliant poster about how chocolate is made!

ZA - wonderful spellings, maths work and literacy. Well done!

BR - great work with those spellings and pronouns! What a star!

DC has completed some super maths work and fantastic stories. Brilliant!

IAP - super science, literacy and maths. We really enjoyed watching your puppet show!

HL - fantastic literacy, spellings, science and maths. Wonderful work!

IW has been investigating the power lines near his house and learning more about how his XBox works for an explanation text. Super ideas!

KJ - fantastic reading, spellings and maths. What a star!


Both HH and LSC have been working on the Corbett maths activities. If you'd like to have a go at these too, there's one for each day here.

We usually recommend Bronze for Y3 and Silver for Y4.


Lots of fantastic work done by you all.

Well done.

Happy New Year


We miss you and look forward to seeing you all very soon.


Lovely to see that some of you are having a good start to the new term.


LB - A great fact sheet on sources of light and reflective surfaces.

BR has also been looking around her house for sources of light. 
Great work on homophones too!

KJ  has completed some lovely Maths work using sweets.

IAP has been very busy. It is lovely to see what you have been working on. 





This week, we’d like you to do the following...


Reading: Read every day. 

Maths: Have a go on Times Table Rockstars and try to improve your Times table skills.

Spellings: Go on to Spelling Frame (no subscription needed) and have a go at the free spelling activities for the spelling rules 21, 22, 23, 24 (homophones!). You could also teach someone at home the Homophones song - you can find it if you google: Homophones with Johnny and Inel BBC 

Science and Writing: Have a hunt around your home for different sources of light. Do they need batteries or are they using mains electricity? Do you have any reflective surfaces in your house? Shine a light onto the surface (make sure you don't look directly at the light) - what happens to the light? Write all of your research and investigating down! Create a fact sheet about sources of light and reflection.


Please email in all your work to


We will continue to get more information out to you about Remote Learning as soon as we can. 

Our amazing day!


Santa came to our school and landed his helicopter on the school field! We got to meet and chat to him, and ask him questions...

Remembrance Day


We spent time today talking about Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies. We are hoping to visit church on 11th November (outside) and Revd Philip will lead us in a short, socially distanced service, during which we will say the prayers we wrote (see below). 

Our poppy display on the noticeboard in the playground.

Week 3 of the Autumn Term


We've had another great week in Chestnut! We've been busy looking at instructions in Literacy and learning about adverbs. In maths, we've continued with place value and Year 4 have been working hard at learning all about Roman Numerals. In the afternoons, we have been learning about why Christians call Jesus a Saviour. We also had a great time learning from Mr and Mrs Hughes about being a tree surgeon and watching how their equipment works. 


Mrs Friar has asked that we now send homework home. This will be sent home today (Friday 25th) and needs to be returned by next Friday (2nd October).

Autumn Term - Week 2 and Home Learning Tasks


We've been busy this week learning lots - we've been learning about apostrophes for possession and contractions in Literacy, reading extracts from Dindy and the Elephant in our whole class reading sessions, learning the 5 different spelling rules for plurals and working hard at place value in maths. We've even been able to squeeze in some time for coding in the afternoons and for listening to Paddington stories! Well done Chestnut for all your hard work this week!


Spelling list - you could try the Pyramid spelling strategy!













Year 3 - we've been practising putting numbers in the correct place on a number line, using numbers to 1000. Try playing this game at home...


Year 4 - we've been trying so hard with our times tables! Have a go at this game...

Can you beat my top score?! (I'll tell you what my top score is next Friday)...



Scratch is such a good way to learn how to code! Have a go here...


Autumn Term - Week One and Home Learning activities

Chestnut have had a fantastic first full week back at school! This week we have been learning about place value in maths, reading Paddington stories in Literacy, practising reading aloud poems from Please Mrs Butler by Allan Ahlberg and been learning about touch typing and online safety in our Computing lessons in the afternoons.


Each week we will suggest some Home Learning activities you can be doing which tie in to our current topics. We're unable to take any work in from home but we'll be having every Friday afternoon to discuss our home learning and any books we've been reading at home. The suggested tasks will also be put on our Chestnut Class Page each week.


Tasks for this week...


Spelling words

- Can you remember the Spelling rules this week for the suffixes +ing and +ed? 














Play Small to Large - Write the words in your smallest handwriting then make your handwriting increase in size each time you write them. 

Play Muscle Memory - Can you try writing them with your eyes closed?! 



Year 3 - count in hundreds, both forwards and backwards. What happens when you get to 900? What is the next number? Practise drawing the numbers too and writing them in words to help you. 

Year 4 - practise drawing different 3 or 4 digit numbers - can you represent them in different ways?

BONUS CHALLENGE - can you practise rounding numbers to the nearest 10?



If you have a laptop or computer at home, have a go at this fun Touch Typing game...


Chestnut Class Autumn Newsletter



One of our tasks this week is to build suspense in a story. You have to read these stories by authors in Chestnut...they are brilliant! 


  • My Scary Story by EK - right from the first paragraph E builds tension and suspense. It's a fantastic story.
  • Terrifying Teddy by TA - T builds suspense brilliantly! We'd be terrified if we met a teddy like this! Such a fantastic story with an excellent cliffhanger...
  • Haunted House by AH - such a good story! A builds suspense so well...especially when the door slams shut... 


EK's marble run is super and your we think your drawings and research are brilliant.


We love LM's marble run, it's brilliant! Have a look at her video below. smiley


TA has also researched about Justin Rose, who won an Olympic gold medal in golf, as well as continuing with Maths and spellings everyday. 


AH has completed the construction challenges...what a tall tower!


CM has recreated the Creeting badge using natural items found outside. We love it!


LSC has caught another huge fish! He's also been busy with maths and literacy. Well done L!


LM's Marble Run!

Still image for this video

Home Learning - Construction


Please see attached plan for eight days - finishing on Wednesday 22nd July. We have got 8 home learning tasks which the whole school will be having a go at. From Monday next week (20th July), I will post three Literacy challenges (for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) so make sure you have a little look next week on our class page. 

Chestnut Class in September
For those of us who will be in Chestnut from September, please have a look at the document below so you can find out a little bit more about what it will be like. If you've got any questions email us at 

Home Learning - Football, Olympics and Paralympics


EP has been learning about how football kits have changed over time. She chose to research about the greatest team ever - Ipswich Town (excellent choice!). E looked at her old kits to see recent changes and then watched old matches to see kits from 1978 and 1981. Along with her brother, she researched the ITFC logo and how the symbols represent Ipswich, including the Suffolk Punch Horse, Wolsey Gate and the River Orwell. EP has also continued with her violin lessons and been working so hard at her Literacy and Maths, consistently scoring 5/5 at Corbett Maths - brilliant!yes


We love HS's research into Japan - he has included everything! He's written about the flag, food, language, capital city, when they last hosted the Olympics and about tsunamis. H has also drawn a super map of the islands in Japan and written a paragraph about where Japan is. It is fantastic! smiley


For the football project, EK has researched all about Colchester United shirts over the years, looking at the similarities and differences (see below). She has also written a fantastic match report about Norway v England in the Women's World Cup. We love her poem about ambition (it's brilliant!) and her research about Japan. E has also completed some fantastic maths work on simplifying fractions, line graphs, block graphs and Roman numerals. Her story about winning a gold medal is so fabulous - there is so much wonderful detail in it! Well done! E has also designed 'Berny' - a new mascot for Bern in Switzerland. She discovered that the city of Bern is named after a bear! So interesting!laugh


We love HL’s brilliant poem about ambition and his dreams about being a footballer. We know you can do it H! ⚽️ (See his poem below)


Another incredible poem from TA has just been sent to the Chestnut inbox. Wow T! I feel so inspired after reading it. Well done. TA has also been working hard with the football project and has written a brilliant match report on the game from the Women’s World Cup. As well as this, he’s also been enjoying reading lots of David Walliams books, has written a great book review and continued to work hard at maths and spelling. Well done T (see below for a video of T reading his super poem). yes


LSC has been busy catching fish and working hard at the football project. He has written a super match report and researched all about different football shirts from the past. We love his new Olympic mascot for London called BenEye. His research into Paralympian Danielle Brown is so interesting too. As well as all this, L has continued to work hard at spellings and maths too. yes


You should read LM's incredible poem about ambition - it is so so good (see photos below). We love her match report and research about Brighton FC too. Her story about winning a gold medal is fantastic, the detail about how she felt before starting her event is so good. As well as this, L has written a profile about Sophie Christiansen, researched all about Japan and designed a new Olympic mascot for New York City called Bert. L has also been busy with maths on BBC Bitesize and has been learning German - brilliant! laugh


CM has researched all about Libby Clegg. Her profile about Libby is so interesting. Well done C!laugh


HL has designed a fantastic Olympic mascot. We think his research all about Matt Skelhon is brilliant! yes


IAP has painted a beautiful painting, using the theme of ambition. We absolutely love it. Her poem about Ambition is fantastic as well. She's also written a brilliant match report about the Women's World Cup game. smiley


DR has been playing lots of golf and has written a super match report for the Women's football game. We think his research about Sir Chris Hoy is really interesting. Every day, DR completes a 5 a day maths challenge and he has score top marks lots of times over the past couple of weeks - wow! We are so impressed!laugh

TA’s super poem about Ambition

Still image for this video

Home Learning - Sport!


Our next topic, starting on Monday 29th June, is SPORT. We've split it into two weeks - the first week is all about FOOTBALL and the second week is about the PARALYMPICS and OLYMPICS.


We love getting email updates about your home learning so please do email us every week to let us know how you've been getting on. smiley


UPDATE: I've found extra activities and videos that fit with our football theme and might be good to try or watch at home...


MATCH OF THE DAY MATHS with Gary Lineker






Home Learning - Growth!

EK has worked so hard throughout the growth project. She has watched the Science videos and written about her Science investigation. The cucumber seeds that she planted last week have started to grow! She has also achieved full marks on 5 a day (we are so proud of you!) and kept active by doing Joe Wicks sessions and running a 4k! For the second week, she has created a Cookie Tree (what a fantastic idea!), done some bark rubbings and created a information poster about a frog's life cycle. Her work on the Amazon Rainforest and cats and kittens is fascinating and we love her drawing of a plant - it is so detailed! Well done!


AH has also made a super start to the growing project. He has labelled a plant, written about the functions of the different parts and started growing cress and sunflowers. A has also written a super poem, brilliant alliteration and learn lots on BBC Bitesize. We love his design for his own plant, which would grow on desert islands with palm trees. Well done A!


HL has been busy writing in his diary every day, reading lots, doing maths work. He has also written to a local care home and received a reply after sending them lots of wonderful pictures. Well done H!


IAP has worked hard on our new growth project. She has watched the Science videos and done some great work on recording definitions for the new Science words, labelling a plant and using descriptive language for fruits and vegetables. IAP has been growing lots of plants and vegetables in her garden and has enjoyed studying them, looking at their roots and talking about them. She's also been working so hard with reading and walking - her current record is 24,600 steps in one day! That's very impressive! We love I's work about national flowers - what a super information poster she has made and she has worked very hard to include expanded noun phrases too. She has been working particularly hard with some maths - finding it tricky at first and then, with a bit of practise, really getting the hang of it! Well done! We love her work on the life cycle of a frog too!smiley


TA has labelled the parts of a plant superbly. We think this is tricky but he's done it so well. T has also been busy writing a wonderful poem with fantastic sound words (onomatopoeia) and alliteration and he has planted some seeds too. Well done!


What a brilliant poem DR has written using sound words! He has been busy with the Growth project too, learning about the parts of a plant and has continued to work so hard with maths, reading, 5 a day and spellings - well done D! We love your book review and growth mindset poster.


LSC has been busy learning maths, science and literacy at home. For the growth project, he's been working with his brother on a plan for a garden centre, has planted some radishes (which are just starting to grow!) and he has done some tree rubbings of different trees. L has worked on a super project with his brother and they have created a garden centre, complete with uniforms, floor plan and a price list. Well done L! 


EP is really enjoying our new Growing topic, in particular researching about the national flowers. She'd love to see the tulip fields in Holland! E has also been researching about the greenhouses in Epcot at Disney World, finding out how they use new technology to produce flowers and food - that sounds so interesting! She has recommended the video at the end of this section - some of you made find it interesting too. E has also been writing in her diary each day, completing spelling tests, and doing daily lessons for Literacy and Maths. She got 5/5 for four days last week on the 5 a day - wow!yesE chose to learn about the Spanish Armada and Boudicca for history this week. As well as all of her super home learning, E has also been cycling on her new bike and has built a den in her garden which she can read and relax in. 


We are also SO impressed with one member of our class who has written a super project about national plants and the plants he is growing in his garden. It is fantastic work!


LM has worked so hard on the plants project. She's learnt lots from the Science videos on Oak Academy and labelled a plant brilliantly. We love her information poster about a frog's life cycle and her work on national flowers. Her maths work is super too. L has also made a fantastic poster about Growth Mindset and her Rainforest is absolutely fantastic! Well done L!


CM has been looking after her tomato plants, herbs and sunflowers that she started growing in April. Connie has really enjoyed learning about growth with Oak Academy. She even sent her drawing of a plant to Oak Academy and got a lovely response from Miss Roberts, the Y3 Oak Academy Science Teacher. We think it's a fantastic drawing too! CM's also been learning about National Flowers, using Purple Mash, Bitesize and continued with weekly online violin lessons. 

See below for the latest Home Learning plan for Chestnut.

Home Learning - Dinosaurs!


LSC always works so hard with his maths and spellings. You are improving all the time L! We love your work on the Creeting dinosaur too! Well done!


LM has done some fantastic home learning - we love all your work on dinosaurs, it is incredible. Your artwork is excellent and we think your research is fantastic! Well done! We are very impressed to hear that you've been having a go at some year 5 spellings too - wow, that will be excellent for next year! 


HH has made a super poster all about the T-Rex - it's brilliant! You must have done some super research for it. H has also sent us a photo of a fossil that he found at Thorpeness beach a little while ago...take a look at his photo. Can you see the shape in it? Which animal do you think it was?


EP has been using BBC Bitesize for Maths to practise fractions. In French she has created a set of French top trumps to learn animal names and is keeping her daily streak on Duolingo. Well done E. She’s also been learning about Mary Seacole and the Crimean War. E did a timeline activity for Mary Seacole’s life and then she watched a video series on her life. E also learned about how the dinosaurs became extinct and she conducted a science experiment to learn about meteors and how height affected the size of a crater. She enjoyed learning how to create a fair science experiment and which variables should be changed and what had to stay the same. E has really enjoyed the dinosaur tasks over the last two weeks, especially learning about Mary Anning. She has drawn a picture of what she thinks the Creeting dinosaur looked like and has written a story about its discovery. Great work E.


TA has been working hard doing the bbc bitesize Maths and English lessons every day. He has completed the Dinosaur project and has sent us some pics of himself making fossils and doing other bits of Dinosaur work. He learnt to use a dictionary and a thesaurus to help him improve his writing – great idea T. Look at his entry for the reading competition – I hope he wasn’t too high up.


AH has enjoyed doing maths from the Oak Academy every day and he has learned lots of new things about measuring, angles, 2D and 3D shapes and reflection. This week he has also done dividing and multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000.He has also been working on his times tables to 12 and he knows them all now, that is super impressive A – you are a star. In literacy he has been enjoying the video clips and songs on bbc bitesize and he is still enjoying thinking up synonyms and antonyms.  A really enjoyed doing the daily exercises and had fun getting all of the clues together. Lucky A, we hear that he has just been able to start social distance football training again and is getting to meet up with all of his friends. We hope that you are having lots of fun together A. Thank you for the photos.




IAP has made a super start to the Dinosaur project! The photos show has been studying fossils carefully, using all of her observational skills. She's also researched about Mary Anning and discovered some brilliant dinosaur facts. Her information text about dinosaurs is absolutely brilliant! As well as this, she has also worked hard with the BBC Bitesize maths and SPaG lessons and been pond dipping - fantastic! She has also written all the clues for the Creeting dinosaur - see below.


We don't know where EK has gone...can you see her in the photo?! We love this photo from E showing her favourite place to read and she's also written about her favourite books too. For her dinosaur project, E has made a huge poster, a timeline and found out lots of fascinating facts about dinosaurs. Super work! E has also used the clues to find out something very important about the Creeting dinosaursmiley. We love her silhouette picture and her diary about Mary Anning. We love her model of the Creeting dinosaur - he looks absolutely brilliant!


CM has completed lots of dinosaur activities - she has created a dinosaur and a habitat in her back garden. She's also drawn a super triceratops and written some dino facts. C has also found out about Mary Anning and written a brilliant diary entry. Well done!


LSC has enjoyed the dinosaur topic - he has made a dinosaur out of Lego and written some facts. We absolutely love his timeline and writing about Mary Anning - we agree about the skills that she needed! L continued to work so hard with his maths and spelling work. Brilliant!


EB has created a super dinosaur bone. He's also drawn, labelled and discovered some fantastic facts about dinosaurs! Well done! 

Please see the latest Home Learning plan. Along with the rest of the school, our theme is Dinosaurs and there are a few Whole School Challenges to have a go at. Please do continue to let us know how you get on at home - email us in photos and updates to

For any key worker children who will be joining us in school next week, we shall also be completing these Dinosaur activities.

Chestnut Home Learning Plan
Weeks 4 and 5

Please see below the Home Learning plan for the next 2 weeks, starting on Monday 11th May. The new theme is Food. The Literacy activity is all about designing your own chocolate bar....we've also included activities so you can investigate what the Ancient Greeks used to eat and we've suggested ways of using food to help in your maths learning.


Please note that the maths has changed a little- White Rose videos are still available and there's daily activities and videos on Oak National Academy. If you'd like some extra maths work please do let me know and I will email something over to you tied into this week's objectives

V.E. Day Celebrations and Home Learning from this week

Week 3 of the Summer Term


A Prayer for V.E. Day
Written by Ella


Dear God,

Help us to remember the ones who gave their lives to save us and the ones who fought in the war and died.

Please help us to be strong, brave and kind, just like the soldiers.




JK has completed White Rose maths, continued learning French on Duolingo, learnt about different sources of electricity (really interesting research!), made a poster on electricity safety, researched about Ancient Greece and made a poster on the Ancient Greek Olympics and been reading lots of David Walliams books (brilliant to hear this! They are so good!). We absolutely loved looking at your research and posters J - well done!


JO'D has achieved a certificate from Maths Factor for completing maths activities on 29 out of 30 days - wow, that is incredible!


EB has already started completing the VE Day tasks - we love his design for a medal. Well done!


F has been working hard at the Science project and has made a fantastic poster and completed some research. Her sketching is wonderful - what a wonderful self-portrait and such a careful drawing of bamboo sticks in her garden too! We love the recipe for pancakes - they look so delicious! Well done F for all your hard work!


EK has continued to learn lots with White Rose maths and has done some super research into VE Day and different medals - we love her idea about having a parade to celebrate! She has also created a timeline showing events over the last 75 years and designed a medal -  the green represents good and the red represents the poppies in the field. Brilliant work!


IAP has completed lots of work on electricity- she's worked out which types of circuits work and which don't, learned about series and parallel circuits and made a battery powered car. Wow - that sounds fantastic! I has been working on parallel and perpendicular lines in maths, which she is confident with now. She has continued to observe her caterpillars as they prepare to make their chrysalises and to care for her chicks, cleaning them out, adjusting the temperature of their heat lamp and helping her dad to make them a run (and toys!). I has also made a comic book of the story of how Medusa got her snake hair with super illustrations. We love her cake in celebration of Captain Tom's birthday - looks delicious!


HH has been doing some brilliant research about the Ancient Greeks and has made a scroll of his fantastic facts. He has also completed a reading comprehension activity about VE Day. Looks like you had a great street party too to celebrate!


We love JW's weather report! It's so good! Have a look at his video below. He has also made some fantastic medals using clay and designed his own V.E. Day bunting - fantastic! 


EP has been learning about V.E. Day. She has made Spitfires and banners and learnt how to translate Morse Code. She's also been busy learning facts about the Ancient Greeks - did you know that vegetarians in Ancient Greece used to sacrifice vegetables!


TC has been busy drawing and building, you are very creative T! Well done!


A has been learning lots about V.E. Day. He enjoyed designing a menu for V.E. afternoon tea and has created a super timeline with different colour codes. A has also been continuing with the White Rose and 5 a Day Maths activities. Fantastic!


HS has drawn another super map! His map for this week shows the East of England and the midlands and again it has fantastic detail. It's very impressive - well done! H has also been working hard at maths, reading and spellings.


TA really enjoyed learning about VE Day and spoke to his Great Grandpa on the phone about what it was like at the time. He planned his questions very carefully beforehand and has written a super report about everything his Great Grandpa said. It's so interesting to read about his experiences of V.E. Day and to learn about how he felt when victory was announced. T has continued with the White Rose Maths this week and practised Times Tables using Rock Stars and Fast Maths grid. For Literacy, he completed ‘The Worst Witch’ exercise on BBC Bitesize and a VE Day Comprehension. He has continued to practice year 3 and 4 words on spelling frame too. Well done - what a super week of learning you have had!

has had a very creative week! She has made V.E. day bunting, followed instructions and made some super V.E. Day rosettes and made a V.E. day t-shirt. Wow! C has also continued to have a weekly virtual violin lessons.


IW has worked on a project about endangered animals with his sister. He's also been on lots of walks, learnt lots about nature and completed maths and literacy activities. Well done!


LSC has continued his fantastic learning this week with lots of super maths, spellings and VE Day work - well done!

Weather Report from J!

Still image for this video

Home Learning Free Resources


Mrs Friar has just said that White Rose and Twinkl are no longer offering some of their resources for free. Apologies, as we’ve put them on the VE Day plan for this week. 

The videos are still free on White Rose so please do continue to watch those... (they’re no longer offering the worksheets for free)

All of the resources on BBC Bitesize and the Oak National Academy are free so we highly recommend those too!

Chestnut Home Learning plan

Monday 4th - Thursday 8th May.


Along with the rest of the school, our theme for this week is VE Day. 



At the end of the plan, there's also details of a new PE challenge which I know lots of you will be very good at! It involves other schools too - there's a certificate for all who take part and a prize for the winner. Go Team Creeting!


Summer Term - Week 2 of Home Learning


IW has been so busy with lots of home learning. He has been doing Maths and Literacy daily, looking at commas, exclamation, prefixes, suffixes and apostrophes and working hard with different online games, times tables and an activity book in maths. We are so impressed with his science work - he looked at reversible change, freezing and melting points with wax and ice. He's also made soap. The ice experiment was concluded with looking and eating a ice lolly before it melts - great idea! I also followed instructions on how to grow a crystal and watched as it changed daily. Perhaps you'd like to borrow I's super ideas and try these experiments at home too? As well as all of this fantastic learning, has also been helping to make cups of tea and prepare lunch! We'll remember this when we're back in school and feeling a bit hungry!smiley


We love IAP's work about Greek gods and all of her super science learning. She's made a Water Cycle and learnt lots about electricity by making her own circuits. I has also been having online violin lessons and looking after some caterpillars, waiting for them to turn into butterflies. Wow!


A has made a great poster about electricity safety. He's also written a prayer and written about the weather. We are so impressed with his handwriting (it is SO neat!) and the description he has used. Your writing keeps getting better and better - Keep it up A! He has also been enjoying reading Firebird and answering the comprehension questions, as well as doing lots of super maths learning. He's started the Ancient Greek topic by watching this super Danger Mouse episode where DM meet Zeus:

it's great! We also really love the scroll that A has made with information about the Greek gods - fantastic work!


D has been working on the science project about electricity, doing lots of super research online and working hard at maths. We are very impressed with his fraction work!

EK has watched videos and researched online about electrical safety and produced a brilliant poster with some very important safety rules. She's also been keeping a weather diary, has written a super story, completed an electricity hunt and written a letter to her cousins. As well as all that, she has been researching the Ancient Greeks, writing about a picture from Pobble365 (a super website), made a bar chart showing the temperature each day and painted a wonderful weather picture. E has also been completing the White Rose and Corbett Maths challenges each day. Fantastic!


EP has enjoyed learning about electricity and has made an electrical safety poster. She also learned about circuits and has practised making her own on paper. She completed a very hard quiz from her key stage 2 science book and got every question right! Wow! She has also completed some experiments, including taking a torch around the house to list if items were transparent, opaque and/or reflective. E recently cycled 7.5 miles on her bike and does the daily Joe Wicks PE challenges. has also enjoyed finding out about Ancient Greeks and has been working hard to understand decimals using White Rose and has been helping her brother to learn how to find a half and a quarter for his maths work. Well done E!


L has been working so hard. Each morning, she's continued to do the PE lesson with Joe Wicks, as well as lots of reading, spellings and Maths. She's really enjoyed researching about the Ancient Greeks and we've really enjoyed reading your research - what fantastic information you have found out and we enjoyed reading your story too. For Science, L has been making electrical circuits and finding out how they work. She's drawn diagrams to match the circuits she has made. She's used her super science learning to make an incredible robot - wow!! We are so impressed! His bow moves and his heart lights up.  Amazing work - well done! Check out her video. 





L's Incredible Robot

Still image for this video

C has been learning lots! She enjoyed her second virtual violin lesson with Mrs Stoten and has been learning to touch type! C has completed her science task looking at electrical items around the house and made a poster about the dangers of electricity. C has enjoyed reading the first chapter of the Firebird e-book and has also been enjoying using Times Table Rock Stars app and Maths Frame, especially the snowball smash game! C has written a super story about Sleeping Giants, using a picture from Pobble365 for inspiration. She has also been spending lots of time outside and has planted tomatoes, salad leaves, herbs, potatoes and sunflowers. Fantastic!


T has continued to do the White Rose Home learning lessons in decimals, fractions and money. He has completed the Joe Wicks workout everyday, practised spellings and completed some writing and research about Ancient Greeks and Electricity. We love his Electricity safety poster - some very important rules on there. has completed his 10 day weather chart and drawn a bar graph with his findings. He also looked at the water cycle (what a super diagram!) and completed some of the music activities on Charanga. Well done! 


has really enjoyed all of the tasks and has been working so hard! We enjoyed looking at photos of his super Maths and Science. We're so impressed to see working hard at the 5 a Day Maths Challenge each day. Well done! What a wonderful poem he has written about the weather too and he's also written a super story about Peter Rabbit. We are also impressed with the Olympic Stadium that L has created with his brother. This links to his brilliant research about the first Olympic games held by the Ancient Greeks. What a great week of home learning you have had - well done!

Message from Miss Crockett

We love Reading!


smileySuffolk libraries are providing free e-books here 


smileyThere are some super audible books here for free

The Winnie the Pooh books reminds me of when we read these stories in the Autumn term.

T has recommended this book. It explains a little bit about Coronavirus and some of you might find it helpful to know a bit more about it- thank you for the recommendation!

Home Learning - Week One of the Summer Term


H has done some super Science work. He's hunted his house and found everything that needs electricity to run - either through the mains or batteries. We absolutely love his safety poster!


I has been researching the Greek gods and learning how to draw in a manga style - look at her photos below - we think her drawings are brilliant! She's also been doing lots of fantastic maths, playing Times Table Rockstars, been on an electricity hunt, helping her Dad build a coop for their chicken chicks, enjoying long walks with her dogs and having Bake Off competitions. Wow!


N has been very busy! She has been writing in her diary each day and has included some 

super instructions for a toy phone. N has been doing lots of maths - we are very impressed to read that you got full marks in your 5 a day on the bronze AND the silver - wow! I enjoyed reading about the Terrible Teacher and I'm wondering what her secret is that she doesn't want people to know about?! 


We love J's prayer about the weather smiley


Dear God,

Thank you for the weather.

Thank you for the sun, it reminds us of happiness and fun.

Thank you for the rain, it helps the plants to grow.

Thank you for winter, it reminds us of snow and Christmas.

Thank you for the wind that helps create green energy.

Thank you for thunder and lightning to show how powerful you are.

Thank you for the rainbow which is a sign of hope.



has been working so hard at home, doing lots of different maths, spelling, writing and topic activities. We think his table about electricity is super - what a great way to set it out! He's also written a lovely prayer about weather and written about how the wind can play tricks! Well done T!


L has been continuing to work so hard at spellings and maths. He has done some super fraction work! L has also been working hard at our Science topic about electricity. We are looking forward to seeing the weather diary and weather chart he has been working on.


E has made a super blow dragon! When you blow one end, it looks like the dragon is blowing flames. Amazing!


Please see the attached plan for the next two weeks of home learning. Please do let us know if we can help at all with any of the Home Learning. 


We will be going for a theme each fortnight. For this fortnight, the theme is: Weather.


We've also got 2 new topics to be researching...

  • For Science it is 'Electricity'.
  • In History it's 'Ancient Greece'.



Easter Holidays


We hope you have all had a good Easter break and been able to enjoy the warm weather.


Miss Crockett has been walking around her farm and has taken so many beautiful pictures which you can see below. The deer often visit her garden and eat her shrubs!


J has sent us some photos showing us some super crafts and baking he has been doing - fantastic!


A has been busy doing Joe Wicks' PE sessions, maths, literacy and art. She's drawn two super pictures below.





White Rose have got some great videos and activities for this week.


Year 3 - you got fractions!


Year 4 - you got dividing and using hundredths!


Both are very important maths skills to learn and we think these videos are a great way of learning it. One video a day would be ideal, followed by the activities if you've got time. It's very similar to what we would be doing in class. yes

Week 2 of Home Learning


A has completed both the Maths and the Literacy challenges. He been busy learning about fractions on White Rose. We are SO impressed with his fantastic story about the chocolate factory - the adverbs and descriptive phrases he has chosen are wonderful! We really enjoyed reading it. A also did the Our School Together - Apart assembly with his family and you can see the boats they made in the photograph below. Along with his sister, A has also been busy listening to songs on YouTube which we could sing in assembly - brilliant! We will create a list of songs to sing when we are back.


R-M has been learning about the International Space Station. She has written all about her mission and it's wonderful to read! She has also been making some fantastic Top Trump cards about the world's tallest buildings. 


C has made a rainbow poster - it's beautiful and we love the message she has written on it!  C has also been busy building an Olympic stadium with Lego.


EK has used junk modelling to make a super Easter bunny. She has also made some wonderful Top Trump cards about animals. E has also made some cakes for a Brownie badge and written the recipe. She has written the Easter story, starting from where Jesus washes His disciples feet and finishing with Him returning to visit His disciples before going back to Heaven. It's wonderful and the illustrations are super too!


LM has been very busy! She has made some cakes and written a review about them - it sounds like they were delicious! L has also made super posters about 2D shapes, 3D shapes and Road Safety. She has also made some brilliant Top Trumps cards and written a letter to her grandparents. L has written a story for the Literacy challenge and we really enjoyed reading it! In particular, we are SO impressed to hear that L has been learning Arabic - wow! We are hopeful that L will teach us all what she has learnt when we are back at school! 


T has made a fantastic poster about Road Safety, showing how to safely cross the road. He has also been practising his times tables and doing lots of work on White Rose and Oxford Owl - brilliant to hear!


LSC has completed so much home learning this week! He has completed some problem solving in maths, practised the 3 and 4 times tables, created a poster about 2D and 3D shapes, practised spelling the year 3 and 4 words, written about food and drawn a plate showing a healthy roast dinner (yum!), designed an animal and written a letter to his friend E in Asia. 


Thank you to LSC and E who have both posted us letters to the school (see the photos below). We love getting post!


Thank you to everyone who has sent work to us - keep it coming in! We really enjoy hearing about what you have been up to.laugh


This song was on repeat in our classroom! Great for dancing around at home to!


Challenges for this week


To kick off our second week of Home Learning, Miss Crockett and Mrs Marsh have been busy looking all over the internet for exciting activities. 


smiley The Maths Factor - any of the 'Adventurer' activities are perfect for Chestnut class!


smiley Science with Maddy Moate - weekdays at 11am.


smiley Storytime with David Walliams - 11am.


smiley The Scouts - great activites to do indoors or outside in your garden.


smiley Edinburgh zoo - live feed


smiley Oxford Owl - for maths and literacy activities


Miss Crockett and Mrs Marsh have also suggested the following activities - how many of these can you complete?


smiley Write about the Rainbow trail

smiley Write a letter to a family member

smiley Be an interviewer: Write a list of questions to ask someone on a video call. What fascinating facts can you find out about them?

smiley Create a video about your garden and everything you can see or write about it. 

smiley Make a realllllllllllly long number line - what number can you get up to? Year 4s - include negative numbers! What number can you get down to?



Week One

We are so impressed with everyone's hard work! 


Look at H's world map and his map of Europe - the detail on them both is incredible. We think this is a great challenge! Henry has also completed the Literacy challenge and written a super story.


TA has completed this week's Literacy challenge and we have really enjoyed reading it. His description of the setting is brilliant. Ryan and Jake are obviously delighted to have arrived in such a beautiful place and they have an important mission to complete. T has also drawn some fantastic pictures of flowers he saw on a walk - look at the incredible detail he has included - wow!


has created some super animal Top Trump cards. She researched facts about each of the animals and has given them a score for Intelligence, Rareness, Legs and Danger to Humans. She has also created a fact file about koalas and sea turtles, with beautiful pictures of both animals. C has also completed the Literacy challenge - we really like the idea about the doves protecting the boys and keeping them safe.


IAP has been so busy! She has written a wonderful description of the setting for the Literacy challenge, made a rainbow cake (yum!), created a bug hotel (which had a ladybird visitor) and joined in with Joe Wicks' PE session each morning on YouTube. I has also been a Scientist and seen what happens when you dissolve salt in water. After the water had evaporated, what do you think happened to the salt? I is also learning to play the piano - we are very impressed! You can watch and listen to her playing in the video below. 


has written a brilliant story for the Literacy challenge and has included some super description.


JOD has also been busy! He has also done the Joe Wicks PE session each morning, completed maths activities, made an air fix model, used Meccano for engineering and watched Steve Backshall online to learn more about natural and animals. J's description of the setting is wonderful for the Literacy challenge- it makes us want to go there!


EK has been busy completing maths challenges and drawing a wonderful rainbow picture to stick in his window. His road safety poster is brilliant and has such an important message about being bright and being seen. The cakes E made look delicious and we think his new design for a school logo is fantastic too! E has also been learning to play the keyboard and is doing really well - you can listen to him playing below.


JK has completed so many activities this week! He has taken part in PE with Joe Wicks, learnt more about Roman numerals, practised mental arithmetic on Snappy Maths, reached Level 4 in French on Duolingo (Wow! Very impressive!), spent plenty of time outside, enjoying the sunshine, doing a bug hunt and helping his Dad empty and take down one of  their garden sheds.


JW has had a busy week of home learning. He has completed maths activities, made a cake and written some super instructions for it, watched a video about Jesus' resurrection, researched about the equator (such fascinating facts!), and created his own science experiment to investigate rainfall. Wonderful! J's music learning is really interesting too and we love the animal he has created. 


TC made an amazing Rainbow poster and joined in on Thursday evening to clap all the heroes working for the NHS. He has also made a meccano model and been on plenty of dog walks, as well as doing some maths learning about fractions. 


EK has written a super story for the literacy challenge called Land of Mist. She's also created a poster about 2D and 3D shapes and measured items around her home using centimetres for the Y4 maths challenge.


has been busy doing maths activities. He has been practising his times tables and he has also made a brilliant and bright road safety poster.


L has completed maths challenges, created a Road Safety poster and drawn a beautiful picture of a daffodil. We love his story about the chocolate factory and his research about Banana Spiders is fascinating! The chocolate cakes that L made with his brother look delicious too! He has also been practising his spelling of the year 3 and 4 words - so important to keep going with spelling these tricky words!


EP has completed both the maths and literacy challenges. We love her story for the Literacy challenge - she's used incredible description! E has also been working towards gaining the blue and purple Blue Peter badges and she has been using Minecraft to build an Olympic stadium.


IW has has based his Geography, Maths and Literacy learning around football, looking at footballers linked to nationality, teams and flags. He has written fact files and completed maths questions based on team shirts. It sounds so interesting! I has also completed the online PE sessions with Joe Wicks and had plenty of time outside playing in the sunny weather.


Well done to you all.laugh


(initials for children used in line with internet safety guidelines)

Keyboard Playing

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Please see the learning plan below for children in Chestnut

Challenges for this week

Week beginning 23/3/2020



Have a look at the picture below.


1. THE SETTING - Can you write a paragraph to describe it? What can you see? Describe the colours. Which country do you think it might be?


2. THE CHARACTERS - Who are the figures in the picture? How did they get there? What are they doing and why are they there? What might they be saying to each other?


Ask Mum or Dad to email yours to us in school and we can put your writing up onto this class page.









Please watch these videos - they link in brilliantly to our fraction learning so far this year. 


Year 3


Grab some equipment from around your house and practise finding fractions of an amount. For example, you could use sweets, counters, pens, spoons, or your own pictures to help. Challenge someone else to speed fractions- who can work out the fraction of a given amount first? Or time yourself to work it out- can you beat your personal best for different fractions? 

Year 4


Use a ruler to measure the length of different items around your house. Can you record the measurements using decimals? Watch lesson 4 to learn how to do this. 



Easter Story Bible Cubes

World Book Day - Look at our amazing potato book characters! Great work everyone!

Today we visited the Guru Nanak Gurdwara.


We saw the Guru Granth Sahib. It is kept in a room of its own during the night and carried into the main hall at the start of the day's worship. A Chaur is waved over it. We also visited the Langar.