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Creeting St Mary CEVAP School

Anything is Possible (Mark 9 v 23)

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Creeting St Mary Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School

Creeting St Mary CEVAP School

Anything is Possible (Mark 9 v 23)


Chestnut Class

Years 3 and 4

We are taught by Miss Cutts and have Mrs Lockwood, Mrs Douglas and Ms Knights to help us with our learning. Mrs Barker helps us on a Friday morning too!


Coronation of King Charles III


What a celebration we had! We iced cakes, drew portraits and wore red, blue and white for the day.

Practising cross stitch and running stitch

Summer Term in Chestnut



We have all made a wheeled vehicle this week. The design brief said that they had to be strong, colourful and able to move freely. To make the chassis, we had to measure the wood and then saw it carefully - a tricky skill! There was a wide variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, ambulances, police cars and more! Well done Chestnut. smiley



We listened to a fascinating talk about engineering. We had lots of questions and enjoyed exploring the equipment!

Printing in Art


We have just completed a printing unit in Art. We made collographs using different patterns and then printed with them. 

World Book Day


We celebrated World Book Day by bringing in a decorated potato (created at home) that was designed to look like a book character. They are all absolutely wonderful! Which characters can you spot in our photos below?

Gymnastics at Piper's Vale!


We spent a wonderful morning at Piper's Vale Gymnastics Centre in Ipswich. We had such a good time exploring the equipment and improving our gymnastics skills.

We love Art!


This week, we are painting in Ash. Today, we practised "selecting, constructing and working on a textured surface", "mixing colours and selecting brushes for specific purposes" and "experimented with the application of colours".

On Tuesday, we painted in the style of Georgia O'Keefe, using paint and water to create similar effects to those seen in her artwork. 

Music in Chestnut class


We have been playing the glockenspiels and learning to read music. It's a tricky skill but we have improved as the week has gone on! We've also been learning a rap song which we will be performing to the rest of the school this afternoon. We've had fun learning how to rap really quickly to fit all the words in!

Our Soil Investigation


We looked at a little bit of soil through a magnifying glass and described it's colour and appearance. We also felt it to describe the texture. Lastly, we poured a little bit of water in it to see if it absorbs the water easily.



In our latest Science topic, we are learning about rocks. We learnt about IGNEOUS, SEDIMENTARY and METAMORPHIC rocks and how they are made. We completed a mission assignment to investigate different rocks - are they permeable? How durable are they? Here's the photos from our experiment. 



In PE, we are learning to play hockey. Have a look at our super skills! 

This term in Chestnut class...


Have a look at the topics we'll be learning about. It'll be a jam packed term! PE will be on Wednesdays (longer session) and on Fridays for Y4 (swimming).

The Nativity Story


We have been learning about the Nativity story. One of our activities was to write from the viewpoint of the Innkeeper - we did some super writing! Have a look below at some examples...

We made vegan fajitas in DT!

Writing in Chestnut Class

Making Mosques in RE



Our Proud Cloud is looking full! We write little messages to say who we are proud of in our class and what they have done to make us feel proud of them. smiley







We have been learning how to CODE in our Computing lessons. We have managed to make commands REPEAT, make objects have SOUNDS, make objects TALK and get the objects to DRAW too!

Our Tribute to The Queen


In Chestnut, we wrote poems about the Queen and drew pictures of her. We talked about how well she served our country.



In Chestnut, we have been reading poetry by Benjamin Zephaniah! We particularly love his poems called Nature Trail, Football Mad and People Will Always Need People. We will be writing our own poems in the same style as Football Mad


Mrs Few has suggested we have a go at the Back to School challenge on the Children's Poetry Archive - have a go here. We hope you enjoy listening to the poems!