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Anything is Possible

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Creeting St Mary Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School

Creeting St Mary CEVAP School

Anything is Possible


Chestnut Class

Years 3 and 4

We are taught by Miss Cutts and have Mrs Lockwood, Mrs Douglas and Ms Knights to help us with our learning. Mrs Barker helps us on a Friday morning too!




We have been learning how to CODE in our Computing lessons. We have managed to make commands REPEAT, make objects have SOUNDS, make objects TALK and get the objects to DRAW too!

Our Tribute to The Queen


In Chestnut, we wrote poems about the Queen and drew pictures of her. We talked about how well she served our country.



In Chestnut, we have been reading poetry by Benjamin Zephaniah! We particularly love his poems called Nature Trail, Football Mad and People Will Always Need People. We will be writing our own poems in the same style as Football Mad


Mrs Few has suggested we have a go at the Back to School challenge on the Children's Poetry Archive - have a go here. We hope you enjoy listening to the poems!

June 2022 - Visit to Warner Bros Studios

Just a few photos from our visit - an amazing day!

3D Art - working with paper tape

We have begun a 3D project to create a bowl. Today we started covering balloons, first with wet tissue paper and next with a layer of gummed tape. Look out to see how they develop!



We are learning about Ancient Greece. Today we explored what life was like in Ancient Athens by taking on different roles and asking each other this question: Why are you at the Agora in Ancient Athens? It was a busy Agora and there were lots of people there for lots of different reasons!

3D Art - working with clay May 2022

Using two colours of clay to create and decorate a bowl.



We wore red, white and blue for the day. In the first few photographs you can see us making crowns! Then we decorated biscuits and lastly we had a Jubilee lunch. What a super day! 

Textiles - May 2022

Our bunting flags are finished! We've dip dyed, printed and embellished them - we hope that everyone will enjoy our bunting at our jubilee celebrations.

RE Home Learning


In RE, we will be learning about why Christians call Jesus the King of Kings. Some of us made some super crowns at home and some of us thought about what it would be like if we were King or Queen of England. Would we be good at it? What do other people think? What rules would we have?

A Science Investigation into which Materials are Conductors and which are Insulators



We have been reading poems by Christina Rosetti and we used some of her ideas in our own poems. Some of our ideas are really descriptive - well done Chestnut!



Today we started a unit of learning about fractions. We've revised lots of vocabulary - numerator, denominator, unit fraction, non-unit fraction. Year 3 matched shaded shapes with their fraction.


We've started our textiles unit. Today we dyed fabric by dipping it. Linked to the jubilee, we will using it to create celebratory bunting over the coming weeks.

Summer Term in Chestnut

RE - Making crosses and thinking about what it's an important symbol to Christians. How do they feel when they see a cross?

Wednesday 16th March – Science Week part 2!

Today as part of science week, we have been learning about penguins, in particular the gentoo penguin, and how they have been spotted living further south as a result of climate warming. We had lots of fun experimenting to see how we could melt ice as quickly as we could! We tried out ideas, shared our results and then tested different ways – racing to be first.

Wednesday 16th March – Science Week part 1!

What an exciting experience we had this morning. Chestnut class joined Vashti Vardy and Katherine live with 100s of other schools. We learnt about what inspires Vashti to write her books about space and Katherine shared her work as a scientist and answered lots of questions too – they are both passionate about space and science. Out of all the schools who asked questions, IS’s was selected for Vashti to answer. She told us that she named her character, Harley Hitch, with a name that could be either a girl or a boy, she liked to use alliteration and she thought that hitch sounded mechanical.

Work for Tuesday 15th March


For those of you isolating at home, here's a little idea of what we've planned so you can have a go at home too.


Maths - Keep practising your times tables. Although our battle against Birch has finished, you can still log on to TTRockstars and have a go at being the best TT Rockstar in our class! Have a go at today's 5 a Day too 5-a-day – Corbettmaths Primary


Literacy - we are learning about paragraphs and how to organise our fiction writing. We're using ideas from The Magic Finger and Roald Dahl to help us. Have a go at the 2 challenges below. 


Computing - Log on to Purple Mash and complete the 2Do activity.

DT - We have made cushions and evaluated them!

We are praying for Ukraine

World Book Day - look at the wonderful book character potatoes we made!

DT - We are learning to sew!



Have a go at these home learning activities. Email any work to

5 a Day maths -

If you’re not able to print at home, copy the questions onto some paper.


Year 4 Maths - Watch the video and have a go at these activities. It’s all about decimals!


Year 3 Maths - Watch this video and have a go at the activities. It’s very similar to what we were doing yesterday in maths.

Spellings - Add to your score on spellingframe. We’ll check the leader board on the Monday back after the holidays. 🥳

Grammar- Remind yourself how to use apostrophes in contractions. Watch the video and complete the activities.


Writing Challenge - write a short story about anything you like! How many apostrophes can you use in it? You can use them for possession or as contractions. Send it in to us and the winner will get 5 house points. 🥳


We hope you all have a good half term break. Stay safe and we’ll see you in just over a weeks time. 







Science in Chestnut


We have been creating collages, using complementary colour pairs, based on 'Highways and Byways' by Paul Klee. 

Design and Make a Sandwich

Today was sandwich making day! After learning about food groups and exploring different sandwich fillings, everyone had selected their ingredients and planned how to make their sandwich.  Today we revised basic food hygiene rules before everyone worked independently to make their sandwich. Evaluating their presentation, texture, smell and taste was good fun!

Work for Thursday 9th December


Year 3 Maths

Continuing from yesterday, learn more about lines and angles in shapes by completing this lesson. Have a go at activity 1 - write your name in capital letters and count the number of right angles. Can you do it for your friend's names too? 


Year 4 Maths

Learn all about different types of triangles by completing this lesson. Next, log on to Purple Mash and complete the 'Y4 - Types of Triangle' activity. 



Continue to work on your playscripts from yesterday. If you fancy typing it up today, you can use the 2write app on Purple Mash (search in the 2dos) - then I'll be able to see it and read them from home!

Here are the links from yesterday to remind you about playscripts and how to write them.


Reading and Spellings

Continue to read your book and other texts are home. The challenge this week on Spelling Frame is very can continue to earn points for your team up until Friday!


Times Tables

These videos are a great way to help you learn your times tables. Year 3 should focus on the 3x 4x and 8x. Year 4 should focus on all of them up to 12x! 

Normally on a Thursday morning, Year 4 would complete the multiplication check here: . Have a go on it at home and record your best score.



Watch this video about our science topic from this term. Can you make a string telephone at home? Watch the video to find out how. (Don't worry about completing the quiz at the start - you can skip it and move straight to the video).


Just for Fun!

Which Christmas decoration are you?! Take this silly quiz to find out!


If you'd like us to look at any work you've been doing, you can email us at:


See you on Friday



Work for Wednesday 8th December


Year 3 Maths

Learn about parallel and perpendicular lines by completing this lesson. Have a go at drawing some shapes with parallel lines then with perpendicular lines.


Year 4 Maths

We have been learning about perimeter. Complete this lesson to remind yourself how to calculate it and to find out how to calculate it when we don't know the length of all the edges. Can you work out the perimeter of the two shapes in example 1 and 2?



Lots of you have been enjoying creating plays during breaktimes with your friends. Watch these videos here to help you learn more about plays and playscripts. I wonder if you can write a short Christmas playscript that you could perform next week in school? It can be about anything linked to Christmas! 



In DT, we have been learning about sandwich fillings and the food groups. Ask people at home what they're favourite sandwiches are. Ask them about the flavour and texture - why is it their favourite? Can you record everyone's answers and also record the food groups of their chosen fillings? Are there any other family members you could ask?


Remember to read your reading book too and to continue to earn points for your team on Your log in for spelling frame is in your homework book. 


Just for Fun!

Have a go at this silly quiz and find out which chocolate bar you arelaugh



In our class assemblies, we have been learning about peace. We love to read Bible stories, watch videos, pray and sing together.  This is a picture of our class worship area.

Poet Tree!


We have been writing some wonderful poems lately. They have been put up on display in our classroom on our poet tree. Have a look at our fantastic firework poems, they are so descriptive!


This week, we wrote in the style of Joseph Coelho and wrote a pantoum like his poem, 'Walk My Green River and Remember'.


Well done Chestnut class - super writing!




The Incredible Hulk thinks that our writing is INCREDIBLE!

We have written stories about Winnie the Pooh and are currently working on a non-fiction text all about the Saxons.

Well done Chestnut class!

Be Bright, Be Seen


Look at our bright clothing! Wearing bright clothes helps us to be seen on darker evenings and help us to keep safe.


Chestnut class have been enjoying their art lessons on Wednesday afternoons. This week we looked at some paintings by famous artists and then painted our own sky pictures. 

Happy 150th Birthday to our school!


Look at the beautiful stones we have painted to celebrate our



We will be putting these all around the village soon so look out for them!



We celebrated our school's 150th Birthday by having a Victorian Day. Look at our fantastic costumes! We did lots of Victorian activities throughout the day, including Drill, Handwriting, Arithmetic, Chanting and imagining what life would have been like through the eyes of a Victorian child.

(Thank you to parents for all the hard work that went into the super outfits!)



We have started a new topic about the Anglo Saxons!

Here are all the different topics we would love to learn about...


We have been looking at timelines and we put different Saxon events in order. Oliver quickly calculated that the Saxons came to Britain exactly 1571 years ago!


Science - States of Matter

We have been learning about solids, liquids and gases and have been doing lots of experiments.

We are wondering what will happen to this puddle! On Monday 20th September at 2:30pm it measured 1m60cm. 

Will it get even bigger (because of precipitation) or smaller (because of evaporation)?



We have also created an experiment into the Water Cycle by making our own water cycle bags. We are wondering what will happen if we leave them in a sunny spot. Will some of the water evaporate? Will there be condensation?



In Chestnut this year...

JULY and AUGUST 2021
Chestnut Class Homework for the Summer Holidays


We hope you all have a wonderful summer holiday. We have set the following homework for the new Chestnut Class to do (current year 2s and 3s). There are four maths and four writing activities to do over four weeks. Please record everything you do - we will collect it in on the first day of the new term.

We also highly recommend doing the Reading Challenge at Needham Market Library! There are also some Reading Comprehension challenges after the Maths Challenges.



Have a look at the picture below.


1. THE SETTING - Can you write a paragraph to describe it? What can you see? Describe the colours. Which country do you think it might be?


2. THE CHARACTERS - Who are the figures in the picture? How did they get there? What are they doing and why are they there? What might they be saying to each other?




Watch this video:


Have a go at bullet point 5 and write a short conversation between the shoemaker and his shoes...


Current Year 3s must remember to use speech marks (also called inverted commas) at the start and end of speech. See if you can also use...


* A new line when its a new speaker

* All speech starts with a capital letter.

* When the character finishes speaking, you must use either a comma, question mark or exclamation mark with the speech marks.



Watch this video:


Can you describe the giraffes in detail? 

Can you describe what they do?



Watch this video:

Imagine you find a mysterious object at the beach and it transports you into a fantasy world. Where would you go and what would it be like there?