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This term we are celebrating Her Majesty the Queen's 90th birthday in a whole school topic about her life and times. Our value for the term is Service.


What an amazing morning we've had! Today Monday 11th April was the grand opening of the new field. After register the whole school rushed over to the gate where the blue silky ribbon was tied to the wooden gate posts. Next Mrs Spall said a speech. 

"Don't worry about the neighbours," said Mr Rogers. "Cheer as loud as you can and I'll cut the ribbon with a sharp pair of scissors."

Once we had got to the end of the field we spotted two large holes. First Mr and Mrs Rogers put an Oak in the first hole and put a spade full of soil in. Then everyone sprinted to the opposite side. Then Mr Rogers took the Birch tree out of the pot and gave it to Mrs Spall to place in the hole. Birch Class and Mrs Spall put a spade full of soil in the hole.

I wonder how tall the trees will grow?

I'm looking forward to playing on the new field.

By Jessica, Year 2


What a tremendous day I've had! All the school came out onto the field to see the grand opening of the brand new field. Mrs Spall said her speech.

Mr Rogers said, "When I cut the rope I want you to cheer loudly! Don't worry about the neighbours" and he cut the rope then we all ran ont the new field. We saw two big holes in the ground. Mr and Mrs Rogers planted the oak tree.

Then we went to the opposite side and Mrs Spall planted the birch tree. Birch class helped too.

We went back to class. Were you there? I am looking forward to sports day.

By Luca, Year 2


What an amazing week we’ve had! After register everyone walked onto the old squelchy field because it was finally the day of the grand opening of the brand new field.

When I got outside I saw some dark blue ribbon hanging between the wooden gate posts. Mrs Spall said a tank you speech t Mr and Mrs Rogers.

Next Mr Rogers said, “When I cut the ribbon I want everyone to cheer loudly. Don’t worry about the neighbours they’ll want to hear how happy we are.”

Mr Rogers cut the ribbon. “HOORAY!” We cheered.

After that we lined up. “Ready, GO!” shouted Mrs Spall. We rushed onto the huge field!

Then I saw two large holes. I wonder what they’re for? Then we planted an Oak tree and then a Birch tree. Birch Class put a shovel full of soil in each.

Finally we found our teacher and went back inside. I’m looking forward to playing on the field.

By Ella, Year 2


A diary account of Good Friday by Martha

This Friday, my beloved son, Jesus, was crucified. It hurts me too much to think about  what happened as there was no reason for his death but I thought that I would recount it for you.

Watching him carry an immense cross up that steep hill was heart-breaking as he had done nothing to deserve such bad treatment. Finally, when he reached the top of the slope his delicate hands and feet – which had miraculously cured thousands of people – were cruelly nailed to the cross.

In the crowd, there were mixed emotions as the majority were smugly cheering the killers whereas the others were like me: weeping. Crunching noises boomed throughout Jerusalem as the nail pushed through his flesh. Trickles of blood rushed down his pained face and I wished that I could run up and reassure him; but I knew that it was not possible.

I remembered when he was born and how loving the majority of people were. It was unbelievable how everybody’s minds had changed since then. Impetuously I was reeled back into reality and I witnessed the wooden cross being propped back up on the hill in front of two robbers. Cold chills rushed past my face and salty tears stung my eyes. One of the thieves was frightened and so my son comforted him.

Shouts of annoyance from the crowd were ringing through my ears and all I could do was stare at my son and pray to God for him to be set free. Suddenly, he shouted desperately, ‘Take care of Mary for me, will you John?’

That remark made me eve more distraught and others taunted, ‘You saved other people so why don’t you save yourself now?’

I was utterly shocked and stunned; I watched him until darkness erupted over the earth and he cried, ‘it is done!’

The light left his eyes and my heart was utterly shattered.

Martha (Year 6)



The Golden Mile Challenge

At the moment, we have travelled 4142 miles and we have to do 3100 more miles until we get to Rio. This means we will hopefully get there by the 2016 Olympic Games! We have Golden Mile club every week and on Tuesdays we hold a session from 8.30-8.45 for anyone who wants to come and walk or run a few extra laps. Our Golden Mile Monitors – Martha, Archie, Mariya, Owen, Lottie and Izzy - are kept busy printing certificates and totting up the miles. 

Welcome to our School

Creeting St Mary Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary school is a small school taking up to 84 pupils in Reception to Year 6.  The school was built in 1871 for 'the children of the parish' and has been serving the local community ever since.  The original school building still forms the core of the school but extra classrooms and facilities have been added over the years.  The latest was a new classroom for the youngest pupils.

The school is part of the Debenham High School pyramid of schools although we also have good links with ther schools in the area.

Coming Events

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Able Writers at Chilton School, Funky Singing 3.20-4.20